Hundreds of Survivors of Sexual Exploitation Have Called on Congress to Investigate PornHub


Hundreds of survivors of sexual exploitation and survivor advocates are calling on U.S. lawmakers to investigate the internet pornography giant PornHub amid ongoing allegations that the platform hosts images and videos of sexual abuse and child sexual exploitation.

“MindGeek, which owns Pornhub and at least 160 other hardcore pornography websites, serves as a case study of corporate indifference regarding harm caused to women and children on its platform,” the group’s letter reads.

“It has received widespread international condemnation for facilitating and profiting from criminal acts, including sex trafficking, filmed sexual abuse of children, and non-consensually recorded and distributed pornography.”

“Additionally, because MindGeek intentionally placed a download button on every video distributed on Pornhub until December 2020, after being exposed by The New York Times, the company has violated federal age verification and record-keeping laws…This is because the download button caused the direct transfer of pornography from MindGeek servers to individuals’ devices around the globe.”

Faithwire notes that in 2019, law enforcement found dozens of videos of an underage missing teenager on the massive pornography platform.

“The site had also been profiting for nearly a decade off videos of young women lured and coerced into filming sexually explicit acts. The man behind those crimes, Girls Do Porn founder Michael Pratt, is a wanted fugitive,” the outlet notes.

Only in December when MasterCard and Visa stopped allowing their cards to be used on PornHub did the platform remove millions of illicit videos.

The letter was issued just as journalists from the website Tortoise managed to track down an elusive owner of PornHub in London after first looking for him in New York, China, Hong Kong, and Austria.

The writers described Bard Bergmair as “the secretive majority owner of MindGeek, the huge Canadian conglomerate that owns sites like Pornhub, the tenth most popular website in the world.”

For too long, the owners of this massively lucrative pornography platform have escaped accountability for profiting off the suffering, humiliation, and abuse of an untold number of victims.

There is absolutely no doubt that the pornography indistriy is driving the human trafficking crisis and PornHub is king in the pornography business.

Saints, we have an earnest moral imperative to appeal fervently to heaven that the mass injustice and sick cycle of abuse in which so many of God’s image-bearers, mostly women and children, are caught up in would be ended and its perpetrators swiftly brought to justice.

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