Hungary Passes Bill To Ban Alteration Of Birth Gender On Official Documents


Hungary has taken a bold step against the status quo among European nations catering to the transgender movement.

Last month, we reported that Hungarian Prime Minister and noted pro-family advocate Viktor Orbán and his government proposed legislation that would require all official documents and registries to list citizens’ “biological sex based on primary sex characteristics and chromosomes.”

Now, BBC News reports, Orbán’s omnibus has passed, effectively banning the alteration of one’s gender on official documents. A three-year backlog of applications to change sex listed on such documents will now be rejected.

The legislation, proposed by the governing right-wing Fidesz party, passed by a staggering 133-57 vote.

“We have no words to describe what we feel,” said Tina Korlos Orban, vice president of advocacy group Transvanilla Transgender Association. “People who haven’t had suicidal thoughts for decades now are having them. People are in panic, people want to escape from Hungary to somewhere else where they can get their gender recognized.”

According to the BBC, Orbán says the new policy “will end legal uncertainty,” and his administration insists it will not prevent anyone from “expressing their identity.”

The decision “to register children’s biological sex in their birth certificates does not affect men’s and women’s right to freely experience and exercise their identities as they wish,” the government’s communications office said, according to the outlet.

According to Forbes, Orbán’s administration says that “completely changing one’s biological sex is impossible” and that is why “it is necessary to lay it down in law that it cannot be changed in the civil registry either.”

The legislation now goes to President Janos Ader, also a member of Fidesz, to be signed into law. Transgender activists say they will try to convince him not to.

It is the God-given responsibility of all leaders to ensure that their nation is governed morally. It’s crazy that this legislation even needed to be passed, but we’re glad it has.

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