Hurricane Harvey Update: 8 Casualties Reported In Texas


Hurricane Harvey has killed 8 people in the Rockport and Aransas Pass area of Texas according to a report from Breaking911 citing Port Aransas Mayor Charles Bujan.

According to KIIITV, Bujan has requested that no one enter Port Aransas until further notice due to the heavy destruction Hurricane Harvey has caused there.

The outlet quotes officials as describing one trailer park affected by the storm as “a 100% loss” with a search and rescue operation currently underway.

Meanwhile in nearby Rockport, CNN quotes Mayor Charles Wax as stating, “there is widespread devastation.”

The outlet further reports that there are fears of many casualties in the coastal city, where 5,000 people chose not to evacuate and instead stayed put to wait out the storm.

Horrifying images from the area reveal the intense destruction Hurricane Harvey unleashed on the coastal city.

Hurricane Harvey has continued on to wreak havoc elsewhere in Texas and, according to CBS News, is expected to dump heavy rainfall on the state for days.

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CBS News