Video: Track Hurricane Irma On Four Cameras Via This Livestream

After pummelling the Caribbean, Cuba and the Bahamas, Hurricane Irma is on a collision course for Florida.


According to CNN, the first hurricane-force wind gust of 74 miles per hour was recorded in Key West not long ago. This is just the start, however, as Hurricane Irma will be bringing winds as fast as 120 miles per hour when it reaches Florida in full force.

The storm, according to CNN, has weakened to a Category 3 but is expected to strengthen as it moves towards Florida, regaining its status as a Category 4 storm.

It’s now a matter of hours before the storm hits Florida with its full force. You can keep track of the beast via the Washington Post live stream below.

Please continue to pray for all those caught in the path of Hurricane Irma, that God might put a hedge around them and keep them safe through the rough days ahead.

Please also ask that God will bless the emergency workers standing by to assist as Hurricane Irma pummels the third most populated state in the country.

Washington Post