HYPOCRITE: Colorado Gov Candidate Opposes School Choice, Sends Kids to Private School


Can you get any more tone deaf?

As hard as I try, I simply can’t find a good reason to oppose school voucher programs. If tax payers are paying into the system for our children to be educated, where is the harm in taking the money that would already be designated to a single student and using it to help them get an education that best suits their needs?

The public school system does not accommodate what educational research shows over and over again: children have unique learning needs that are not always suited by a one-size-fits-all approach to learning.

So for someone who can afford to send their kids to private school to turn around and oppose a voucher program is beyond offensive. As the left would say, “check your privilege!”

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Cary Kennedy, a former state treasurer now running for governor in Colorado, said she has been “blessed” to be able to send her own children to private school. But at the same time she is running on an education platform solidly opposed to voucher programs, which help move some children out of a failing public school and into a private school.

Many on the right have long criticized these kinds of arrangements as fundamental hypocrisy on education policy, something Kennedy was asked about at a recently televised debate.

“Cary, you’re opposed to vouchers in education, and yet you sent your own kids to private school through eighth grade,” said Shaun Boyd, a reporter with the local CBS affiliate. “What do you say to parents who want that same opportunity for their kids but can’t afford it?”

“I don’t support taking public money—public taxpayer money—out of the public education system to send it to private school in the form of vouchers.” Kennedy went on to say she believes voucher systems leave the overall public school system with “diminishing resources.”

But Boyd pushed the issue.

“But you would understand where some people would say, ‘This isn’t fair, really. You send your own kids to private school,’ but you say to them, ‘No, you’ve gotta stay in your failing neighborhood school and we’re not going to help you with choice.'”

“I feel really lucky, I feel blessed, that we were able to send our kids to a school that supported their individual learning needs. And I have worked on this issue my entire career because I believe every one of Colorado’s kids deserves that great education.”


So she recognizes that children have different learning styles, but thinks everyone else’s kids need to be in the public school system to get a great education?

Total and complete hypocrisy.