Hypocritical Hollywood Oscars Condemn Sexual Abuse and Celebrate Man-Boy Love


The virtue-signaling celebrities in Hollywood have been working overtime over the last few months, ever since the bombshell revelations about Harvey Weinstein’s abuse of women broke.

Hollywood has taken full advantage of the revelations if only to hypocritically condemn sexual abuse while continuing to celebrate sexual sin and deviance, and as one can imagine, the Oscars were no exception.

As attendants and presenters at the 2018 Academy Awards patted themselves on the back for standing up for women across the entertainment industry, the members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences had no problem awarding a film that celebrates inappropriate sexual relationships between men and boys, Call Me By Your Name, which was awarded Best Adapted Screenplay.

The film, which we covered prior to its release in the US, centers around a 24-year-old medical student and a 17-year-old boy who have a sexual affair in Italy in the 80’s. Obviously, the left just loved this homosexual romance between a young boy and an older man.

However, in the midst of the #metoo and #timesup movement, is it not a bit ironic that as the lines are blurred between consensual and predatory behavior when it comes to young Hollywood starlets, the same standards are not applied to the characters in this movie?

Not to mention, the actor who plays the minor character was scouted for the film when he was just 17 himself, although he was 20 by the time filming began. Think about that–several adult men, including the elderly screenwriter, James Ivory, who was presented with the award for best-adapted screenplay on Sunday night, actively pursued a 17-year-old boy to appear in explicit sex scenes with an older man for the sake of entertainment.

This isn’t art, it’s just more promotion of sexual deviance and the age-old and ever-perverted practice of pederasty. Many on the left think this story is terribly romantic, but think of the boundaries that it pushes, boundaries that are in place for a reason.

Sure, some might argue that 17 and 24 is not a big age difference. But what if he was 15? Just two years younger and far more creepy, right?

Pederasty is a practice that dates back to ancient Greece and Rome, in which older men viewed young men and boys as sexual objects to be desired and often kept their own as sexual companions.

Sexualizing young boys for the sake of an “artsy” Hollywood movie is no less exploitative or disgusting than this ancient practice that sexually objectified children.

Hollywood employs selective outrage over sexual predation, period. They want to virtue signal and “empower women” when it is convenient for the social movement du jour, but they make millions turning men, women, and children into sex objects, luring millions of Americans into lust and sin.

Don’t be fooled by the glitz and glamour of Hollywood–it is a pit of vipers and a cesspool of perversion!