“I Refuse to Allow You to Destroy Our Schools” Loudoun County Mom Calls Out School Board As Criticism Mounts


The Virginia governor’s race which culminated Tuesday evening with the victory of Republican Glenn Younkin centered largely around a growing national debate between parents and school boards which has had its epicenter in the Old Dominion.

More specifically, in Loudoun County, where controversial transgender bathroom policies and critical race theory curricula have caused an ongoing clash between parents and teachers of faith who object to the radical ideology behind the school board’s agenda and those who support what they perceive as critical advancements in supporting LGBT ideology and combating racism.

Younkin and his opponent, the well-established Democrat and former governor Terry McAuliffe, exchanged many a rhetorical blow during the campaign surrounding one another’s views on what should be taught in Virginia public schools — and what shouldn’t.

However, even messier than the heated campaign has been the unraveling controversy in Loudoun County, where scrutiny over the school district’s handling of sexual assault on campus has gone nationwide after a father who was touted as an example of “threats” posed to school officials by the National School Board Association in a letter calling on the Biden administration to treat parents like him as “domestic terrorists” after he was arrested at a school board meeting revealed his daughter had been raped on campus by a student he says identifies as gender fluid.

One member of the school board has since resigned as she was facing removal efforts after her alleged participation in a Facebook group that was cataloguing parents who opposed gender and critical race theory lessons, while parents are calling on the district superintendent, Scott Ziegler, to resign over the matter.

Amid all this heated turmoil, another Loudoun County parent has gone viral after telling the school board that, before she pulled her students out of public school, her 6-year-old came home and asked if she was “evil” because she was white.

“My children are now in private school and are thriving,” the mother told a recent school board meeting. “My six-year-old somberly came to me [in spring of 2020] and asked me if she was born evil because she was a white person, something she learned in a history lesson at school … and now you’ve covered up a rape.”

“I refuse to allow you to destroy our schools,” the mother then declared. “They are not your schools. They are our schools.”

This mother struck on the crux of the debate between some members of the community and school boards: the matter of whether parents ultimately have the last say in what is being conveyed to their students in the classroom.

Many parents believe that this is the bottom line — these are our schools.

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