Idaho Defunds Planned Parenthood, Bans Them from Contracts With Public Schools


Last week, Republican Governor Brad Little signed into law the “No Public Funds For Abortion Act” which puts an end to public funding for abortion providers.

The bill also prohibits these organizations, such as Planned Parenthood, from receiving contracts to provide sexual education programs to public schools, colleges, and universities, and stops public higher education establishments from providing abortifacient drugs like Plan B on campuses.

The Christian Post reports that, according to the conservative Family Policy Alliance of Idaho, these drugs, as well as abortion counseling, are currently offered student health centers at Boise State University, the University of Idaho, and Idaho State University.

The organization’s executive director, Blaine Conzatti, applauded the new legislation, which was signed by Governor Little on Tuesday, May 10th.

“Idahoans don’t want their state or local governments sending their hard-earned money to abortion providers — and they certainly don’t want abortionists providing services and promoting abortion in our public schools and universities,” Conzatti wrote in a statement provided to CP.

Abortion “should never be subsidized with our tax dollars” he explained, adding that “Idaho public school students should never learn about sexuality from the abortion industry.”

This is an issue we have been addressing here for years at Elizabeth Johnston Ministries — sexual education programs in our public schools can often hardly be referred to as “sexual health” programs, as they often contain X-rated content, promote abortion, and radical secular values in regards to perspectives on LGBT.

In April, Arkansas’ Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson signed a bill banning public schools from engaging in transactions with abortion providers like Planned Parenthood.

Idaho’s legislation protects “students, vulnerable women, and hard-working taxpayers from the ‘Big Abortion’ lobby,” Conzatti noted.

“We are excited that Gov. Brad Little signed this important pro-life reform that protects taxpayer assets from abortion providers who have benefitted from government largesse for too long.”

Rep. Bruce Skaug, who sponsored the bill in the state House of Representatives, said it was drafted in anticipation of Biden administration policy in regards to public funding for providers of abortion.

“We anticipate, with the new presidential administration, that Title X [family planning] funds will start flowing to abortion-friendly counseling centers, family planning-type clinics, and this would prevent that,” Skaug said, as Life News reported.

The Christian Post also notes that the newly passed legislation prohibits Boise, the state’s capital city, “from contracting with organizations that provide abortion-related services after a transitional report issued to Mayor Lauren McLean last year recommended that the city offer free contraception, abortion and reproductive healthcare for all of its residents.”

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