Idaho Father Ends Protest Against Drag Queen Story Hour Because Of The Event’s “Strong Community Support”


What began as an Idaho father’s admirable effort to put an end to drag queen reading events at his local library has regrettably ended.

Ted King, a carpenter and founder of the group Citizen Patriots United in Pocatello, Idaho, first began his protest against “Reading Time with the Queens” earlier this month.

“These drag queens are talking to kids that are just learning gender structures and barriers between boys and girls, and when they see somebody who just bucks that structure, how confusing is that to them?” King told the Idaho State Journal at the time. “They haven’t even learned one plus one is two yet. If it’s really about promoting a love of literacy in children, then why the drag? Why the controversy? Mr. Rogers did a fantastic job to promote literacy and self-love wearing a red cardigan sweater and Keds.”

“I have nothing against the people who live the drag lifestyle; that is their choice,” King added. “I am not ignorant enough to think they should live how I think they should live, but my stance is that the library is paid for by all of us as taxpayers. It’s there to instill a love of literacy in kids. It’s not there to encourage a political agenda.”

“You can do what you want where you want,” he told the State Journal, “but not at a place where more than 60 percent of the people who pay for the building don’t agree with it.”

After a petition created by King was met with massive backlash, however, he retreated and called off his planned protests of the event.

“I never, ever imagined that my opposition would lead to the hatred and vitriol that followed,” King told the State Journal in an update, noting that his beliefs hadn’t changed but that the event had far more support than he realized. “I should have known more about the program before I tried to silence it because I had no idea they had this level of community support.”

In the few days King’s petition against Reading Time with the Queens was active, garnered a total of 453 signatures.

“After I announced my opposition, supporters started a petition of their own and within 20 or 30 minutes they had 100 percent more signatures than we did,” King said.

The Idaho State Journal polled its readers and found that nearly two-thirds of the 1,200 respondents supported drag queens reading to children at the Marshall Public Library.

“I am not some crusader who was trying to silence something that our community stands so strongly behind,” King told the Journal. “I am nowhere arrogant enough to speak against the majority of the community saying something like, ‘Well, I don’t like the program so it can’t happen.’ The community overwhelmingly supports the program and I believe in a constitutional republic. I don’t believe in silencing the voices of the many based on the opposition of a few.”

This is incredibly disappointing. Majority rule alone is not what makes a constitutional republic—adherence to morality and the law does.

We don’t need men who value pragmatism and going along with the majority above what is right and good and true. We need men—and women—who are willing to be that remnant, that minority, that unstoppable voice that stands up and declares, “I don’t care if everyone likes it, this is wrong!

Voices of truth have almost always been the minority in our wicked, sin-loving world.

Jesus Himself told us that the world will hate and despise us because it hated Him first. He never tells us to go along to get along. He commands us not to hide our light under a bushel, but to take it to the libraries, the schools, the abortion clinics, the rallies, our workplaces, our schools—everywhere!

We will experience pressure, persecution, hatred, and vitriol. Jesus guaranteed it, and he modeled it with his ultimate persecution and death on the cross. We are not better than our Savior.

We must be ready and willing to endure all things through Christ for the sake of the Gospel. If He is with us, He empowers us to do so! Never forget that, and never give up!!

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