Idaho Mom Arrested After Refusing To Leave Playground With Children In Protest To Lockdown Orders


Thanks to current lockdown orders handed down by most state governors, typically law-abiding citizens have been made into criminals overnight. Attempting to do such things as attend or hold church services, take a drive, or even simply leave one’s home without a facemask can result in confrontations with law enforcement. 

An Idaho mom recently became an example of this—the hard way—when she simply took her daughter to a playground, an activity which could not have been more innocuous under normal circumstances, but in her case, was done in protest of the park’s closure. 

According to BizPac Review,  Sarah Brady was arrested and charged with misdemeanor trespassing on Tuesday after the incident. She has since been bailed out, but her arrest prompted a protest at the Meridian, Idaho City Hall,  highlighting Americans’ growing impatience with the draconian lockdown orders restricting the movement of millions of free people.

BizPac Review reports that the incident occurred after Brady and a small group of people allowed their children to play at a closed playground in protest of the state’s lockdown orders.

Videos posted on social media show Brady encouraging the police to arrest her after she refused to comply with their orders to leave the park.

“Arrest me for being difficult. Do it! Record it!” Brady said in the video.

Shortly before Brady is handcuffed, the arresting office tells her: “Ma’am, I’ve told you to exit numerous times. This is it. Exit the playground area now. I’m really trying to be nice about this.”


In a statement, the Meridian Police Department said: “After being told to leave the playground multiple times, 40-year-old Sarah Brady of Meridian refused to leave and was arrested for one count of misdemeanor trespassing.”

BizPac Review goes on to say:

Idaho has a population of 1.8 million. But to date, it has recorded only 51 deaths attributed to the coronavirus. Unlike New York City (the coronavirus epicenter), it has a low population density.

It makes no sense to impose the same strict lockdown orders for NYC (population: 8.7 million) on Meridian, Idaho (population: 106,804).

And even in New York City, most of the coronavirus deaths and infections are in the outer boroughs and not in Manhattan itself, where many residents practice social-distancing and are able to work from home.

Numerous medical experts say it’s unhealthy for people to remain in lockdown, and doing so actually increases your chances of contracting the Wuhan coronavirus.

As Tucker Carlson points out on his show:

“Another study was more specific. It looked at 320 towns in China over a period of more than a month in order to determine how the coronavirus spreads. The most common place patients were infected: their homes. Eighty percent of outbreaks began there. Thirty-four percent of new cases began on public transportation. The conclusion? “All identified outbreaks of three or more cases occurred in an indoor environment, which confirms that sharing indoor space is a major [coronavirus] infection risk.”

“Researchers have found that fresh air and exercise boost your immune system, just like your grandmother claimed,” Tucker said. “As a recent piece in the Atlantic put it: ‘The outdoors and sunshine are such strong factors in fighting viral infections, that a 2009 study of the extraordinary success of outdoor hospitals during the 1918 influenza epidemic suggested that during the next pandemic, we should encourage ‘the public to spend as much time outdoors as possible.’”

The “one size fits all” lockdown orders that are imprisoning millions of Americans across the US are not only ineffective, they’re also unhealthy. When mothers start getting arrested for taking their children to play outside, it’s time for the state governors to begin rethinking these overreaching, oppressive lockdown orders.

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