Idaho Rep. Introduces Bill That Would Ban All Abortions With No Exceptions


Here at Activist Mommy, we have a very simple stance on abortion: the murder of an unborn baby cannot be regulated. It must be abolished.

Idaho Rep. Heather Scott (R-Blanchard) understands this and is fighting once more to pass a bill that would ban abortion in the state without exception.

According to KTVB, House Bill No. 361, as known as the Idaho Abortion Human Rights Act, was printed in the Idaho State Legislature on Friday.

The bill would make it illegal “to perform, procure, or attempt to perform an abortion.”

The bill first aims to protect Idaho from federal law or federal court opinions, such as Roe V. Wade. The bill would also repeal Section 18-4016 of the Idaho Code which specifically exempts abortion from prosecution as homicide.

“Abortion is contrary to Section 1, Article I, of the Idaho Constitution, which states the inalienable right to life and to secure safety to all men,” the bill states, in part. “Allowing abortion in Idaho statute in the manner Idaho presently does is also contrary to Sections 2 and 18, Article I, of the Idaho Constitution, particularly where it is stated that for every person “right and justice shall be administered without sale, denial, delay, or prejudice.” While Idaho criminal law currently treats the killing of a human fetus as unlawful, it unequally applies those homicide statutes by permitting abortions.”

According to an abolitionist Facebook page for the Abortion Human Rights Act, the bill has been denounced by two prominent pro-life groups in the state: Right To Life of Idaho and Idaho Chooses Life, primarily for its equal treatment of mothers and abortionists as culpable in the child’s murder:

Two main groups opposing the Abortion Human Rights Act, now HB 361 in 2020, are Right to Life of Idaho (, led…

Posted by Abortion Human Rights Act Idaho on Sunday, January 26, 2020

In an explanation of the bill on her website, however, Rep. Scott makes it clear that her intention is not to punish women but to save their children:

Is the goal of the AHRA to punish and imprison women for abortions?

Not at all. The goal of the AHRA is to end abortion in Idaho by passing a law that addresses the reason abortion is wrong with sufficient penalties that the law would be a real deterrent to criminal behavior. Our expectation is that businesses that perform abortions in Idaho would not provide those services after the AHRA goes into effect. We expect that while there are currently 1,300 abortions in Idaho each year, most of those would vanish, and the abortion rate, if any, would be significantly reduced.

Rep. Scott and then-Representative John Green attempted to make abortion murder in Idaho last year. Before that, in 2017, Republican Sen. Dan Foreman proposed a bill that would charge mothers and abortionists with first-degree murder.

Even if Scott’s bill fails this time around, we trust that she will not give up the fight to do everything in her power to end, not just limit, the holocaust of the unborn.

Reach out to Rep. Scott and thank her for her boldness in defending Idaho’s children!

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