Ilhan Omar Speaks to School Children in Minnesota…Parents and Press Not Allowed


The left’s greatest weapon is the indoctrination of children through public schools.  They will seemingly stop at nothing to accomplish this.

On Friday, Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) returned to her home district in Minnesota to visit some area schools.  She spoke at Saint Anthony Middle School in Minneapolis and it was reported that parents needed to give permission for their children to attend but that parents were NOT permitted to attend the meeting.

To see the message sent to parents click here.

The fact that this message specifically says parents and the press will not be permitted into the meeting is shocking.  What does Ilhan Omar have to say to a group of 11-13 year-olds that is so private their parents and the press are not welcome to attend?  She is a public servant and anytime she is speaking to the public she should be on the public record, wouldn’t you think?

There was, however, as you can imagine, an organized effort to protest Omar and her private lecture to students.

Conservative activist Alley Waterbury sent out a call to action to her Facebook followers saying, “We must protect our children…The school is asking for permission for their children to attend this event, but the parents are not allowed to attend themselves. This is a problem and no cameras.”

“Lecturing our kids behind closed doors with no parents is a no go,” she later added.

The school, however, stuck to their guns and shuttered doors to parents and the press.

What does Omar have to hide? What does the school? What gives them a right to host such a highly controversial speaker without allowing for press and parental oversight?

This is highly disturbing.

Public schools are becoming nothing more than indoctrination factories for children. If you hope your child will be able to think freely for themselves one day and use facts to guide them (versus feelings), now might be the time to consider alternatives to public school!

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