Illinois Candidate for Governor Cuts Hilarious Ad; Rhinos, Leftists In Hysterics


The easiest way to discredit someone who has said something both clever and insightful about you is to simply pull the “racist/sexist/homophobic” card and condemn their insensitivity and indecency, even if nothing they said was actually racist, sexist, or homophobic.

An apparently very bold, and funny, Republican state representative Jeanne Ives cut a hilarious campaign ad last week, illustrating in a very clever way what a rhino her opponent, incumbent Governor Bruce Rauner, is.

The ad features several members of the leftist voting block: illegal immigrants, transsexuals, vagina-hat wearing feminists, and a member of the teacher’s union, thanking Rauner for how his policies have helped them.

Take a look:

It’s funny, clever, and cutting, and if the last two years of American politics have taught us anything, it’s that voters are starting to care very little about political correctness, so it’s most likely an effective ad as well.

This ad appeals plainly to the concerns of the average Republican voter, and illustrates how the incumbent governor has failed his voting base. These are the issues that salt-of-the-earth Americans care about and that affect them directly.

Needless to say, snowflakes have been melting ever since.

“Malicious ads like this one spread dangerous falsehoods about the transgender community that feed into a toxic culture of violence and discrimination that can have deadly ramifications,” said Zeke Stokes, CP of Programs at GLAAD, said. “This mean-spirited rhetoric has no place in public political discourse.”

Why, because it portrays the reality of allowing men in the women’s restroom?

Planned Parenthood was also appalled by the ad, saying in a statement made by a spokeswoman that: “The bills mentioned in this ad move Illinois forward to protect Illinoisan’s basic human rights — whether it’s the right to access healthcare or use the bathroom that suits their gender identity.”

“Healthcare”? You mean, tax-payer funded murder? Right.

It wasn’t just leftists what were complaining, either, even Ives’ own party turned against her, scrambling to save face at the mere threat of “condemnation” from whiny leftist who condemn everything anyway.

State GOP Chairman Tim Schneider called for the ad to be taken down, and issued a statement saying: “There is no place in the Illinois Republican Party for rhetoric that attacks our fellow Illinoisians based on their race, gender, or humanity. Representative Ives’ campaign ad does not reflect who we are as the Party of Lincoln and as proud residents of our great and diverse state.”

I guess we’ll see who is more offended by this ad at the voting box, politically correct rhinos or the voters of Illinois!