Illinois Doctors Caught On Tape Planning to Medically Kidnap Babies If Parents Refuse Non-Mandatory Vitamin K


Among the worst nightmares for parents raising children in America is a frightening practice known as “medical kidnapping,” in which a child is taken from its parents by force by the State at the whims of a healthcare worker.

Because many such workers believe they have some divine right to dictate what their patients will and will not do, many parents rightfully fear that exercising their right to informed consent to treatment will result in a whirlwind of CPS investigations, family court, and separation from their children.

In Illinois, however, families victimized by this growing trend are fighting back.

According to PJ Media, a class-action lawsuit was filed in late September claiming that the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), its agents, and several doctors and nurses in hospitals around the region conspired to illegally seize newborns just long enough to administer a Vitamin K injection after birth against parental wishes:

[Child abuse pediatrician Dr. Jill Glick] is accused in the suit of orchestrating an unconstitutional and illegal policy to coerce and threaten parents with the removal of children, “[conspiring] with DCFS officials… to implement a DCFS policy that all of them knew was illegal, and [making] sure that Illinois pediatricians and hospitals carried out this policy using coercive threats… designed to enforce compliance with their desires that no parent be allowed to refuse the prophylactic medical procedures at issue in this case.”

In fact, emails were discovered through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests that back up this claim. Dr. Glick sent an email on August 10, 2017, indicating that parents must be forced to comply with recommended prophylactic procedures, not just for the good of the patients themselves but because they needed to send a “very clear message” to “educated” parents who “do not see the medical community as the expert.” The child abuse pediatrician lamented that “there is no venue for the hospital to force this upon the family” against their will.

Now, damning audio evidence has surfaced revealing that several of the defendants did in fact plot to manipulate CPS in order to force the shot, which is a medical procedure that Illinois parents have every legal right to refuse.

At an April meeting of the state Department of Health’s Perinatal Advisory Committee, many of the defendants were caught on tape teasing out the best way to phrase their plan to take emergency custody of newborns even for just a couple of minutes in order to give the shot.

The following partial transcript is offered by PJ Media:

WOMAN #2: On the wording on this and I actually just texted our neonatologist cause he wanted to be here and couldn’t. We are a little concerned that it’s saying: “The hospitals will.” But it says: “DCFS may”. Mandating hospitals to do things but giving DCFS options to do things. So, then that puts the hospital in a little bit of a problem because I don’t think hospitals want to be taking over custody all the time and then DCFS may investigate for medical neglect.

WOMAN #1: Its… the issue is whether you are mandated to give vitamin k by taking protective custody. This is what this does. It doesn’t mean that DCFS has to say the parent can’t be the parent. But, it gives you the chance to give the child vitamin K through DCFS.


WOMAN #1: So, I think it is okay. You don’t need every parent to be accused of medical neglect and investigated. You need the right to give the vitamin k which DCFS will provide the custody for with this consistent message.

  1. LIGHTNER: I think you want the wiggle room of the “may” on the DCFS side because what I have heard is: If they are automatically slapped with medical neglect there’s all sorts of ramifications there. So, you want DCFS to have that… because if it’s shall…

MAN #3: So, please clarify if DCFS says “No, we are not going to investigate” but the hospital has taken…

WOMAN #1: You can take… Protective custody is just the right to do what you think is right for the baby. And, DCFS, if they say, ‘yes, that we agree with you, cause this is our rule’. You give the vitamin K and then do any of us really care what happens next?

WOMAN #3: No, but can they sue you then?

WOMAN #1: No, because you have their… you took protective custody. That’s the part that we have to assure with DCFS. That when we do this…

  1. LIGHTNER: Need DCFS to assure you.

WOMAN #1: Yes, that’s what I mean, DCFS has to say, ‘This is our protocol, no matter what else we do: You are protected.’

MAN #3: At what point does protective custody stop?


UNDETERMINED WOMAN: It’s two minutes or whatever it is.

UNDETERMINED WOMAN: How much beyond?

UNDETERMINED MAN: As soon as you give the injection.

UNDETERMINED WOMAN Continues: Is it two minutes? Is it ten minutes? Do we wait until DCFS says we are coming or we are not coming?

WOMAN #1: They don’t have to come. I think protective custody is you just claim that you have done it.

Listen to the recording here.

This should terrify every rationally-thinking parent. Even if you make an informed decision to give your child every medical procedure in the book, you still maintain the legal right to say no. 

Doctors are not demigods, they are not some super class of citizens wielding supreme power over the rest of us. Furthermore, they don’t get stuck with the consequences if any one of these drugs or procedures (which do have documented risks) harms our children. 

The right to raise our children according to our consciences shall not be infringed. These doctors shouldn’t just be ashamed, they should be unemployed. 

File a complaint with the Illinois Department of Health at 800-252-4343 and demand that each and every one of the doctors present at the meeting be removed from any position of policymaking authority. 

Let’s send a very clear message of who’s really calling the shots when it comes to our kids.


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