Illinois Governor Orders Medicaid to Begin Covering Gender Reassignment Surgeries


The fascistic gender ideology that is sweeping our nation like never before has been so quickly accepted as dogma by the mainstream, we may soon pass a point of no return.

Illinois’ Medicaid program will soon be covering the costs associated with gender reassignment surgeries following an order issued by Governor J.B. Pritzker in April.

The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family services will establish the administrative rules to offer coverage to those suffering from gender dysphoria who are seeking “treatment” in the form of surgery of the genitals or breasts.

“Healthcare is a right, not a privilege, and I’m committed to ensuring our LGBTQ community and all Illinoisans have access to that right,” said Pritzker, according to 25 News. “Expanding Medicaid to cover gender affirming surgeries is cost effective, helps avoid long term health consequences, and most importantly is the right thing to do. With continued attacks coming from Washington, this administration will always stand with our transgender community and their right to lead safe and healthy lives.”

By “long term health consequences,” the Governor is referring to depression and suicide.  

It has been a long-established narrative for years that the only way to “cure” gender confusion is to undergo intensive hormone treatment and irreversible plastic surgery.  Actual facts, however, do not support this claim and show that many transgender people end up regretting their decisions to irreversibly alter their bodies.

It is worth noting that, according to the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, people seeking these kinds of surgeries must be diagnosed with “gender dysphoria” to qualify.  

This is a direct acknowledgment of the underlying mental illness that causes people to believe they can “change” their gender.  Gender dysphoria is a serious mental illness and absolutely must be treated accordingly.

Not only is the state of Illinois encouraging mentally ill individuals to get life-altering surgery when they are still suffering from a deep-seated psychological issue, they are using taxpayer dollars to make this dubiously effective surgery more accessible.

The Illinois Medicaid program should be covering the appropriate treatment for gender dysphoria with psychological care, not physical mutilation.

The ACLU of Illinois has applauded the state’s decision to cover these procedures.  The report by 25 News included this statement:

“We welcome Governor Pritzker’s announcement that Illinois will cover gender affirming surgery under its Medicaid program. This is a crucial step to respond to the health care needs of all Illinois residents, including those who are transgender,” said John Knight, LGBTQ and HIV Advocacy Director for the ACLU of Illinois. “By putting an end to this outdated exclusion on gender affirming surgery, Illinois now joins a long and growing list of states providing coverage for this critical, life-saving health care. We applaud the Governor for making this important step forward.”

“Life-saving” health care?  Where are the studies to back up this kind of assertion?  Why does the LGBT community constantly promote the narrative that gender surgery is the magic solution to those suffering from gender dysphoria?  Physical alterations to a person’s body will not fix mental illness, and this myth needs to die.

If the ACLU of Illinois and the Governor actually cared about the individuals living with gender dysphoria, they would be working to improve and increase the accessibility to much-needed mental health resources.  It is a great disservice to those suffering from gender dysphoria who genuinely need someone to care and point them in the right direction.


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