Illinois House Passes Bill to Make Changing Gender on Birth Certificate Easier

Community leaders, parents, kids, doctors, lawyers, assemble in front of the White House to protest the non-science based policy of segregating LGBTQ children in public schools based on the schools' determination of their gender identity.

Last week, a bill passed the Illinois state House that will make it easier for individuals to change the sex on their birth certificate to correspond to their gender identity.

HB9 would enable the official documents to be changed without approval from a doctor. Prior to 2018, Illinois only allowed those who had undergone surgery to legally change their birth certificate.

Proponents argue this would reduce the number of situations in which people who identify as a gender other than what is listed on their birth certificate have to “prove” their sex, according to ABC 7.

“A lot of people a lot of times feel stigmatized when they have to go and prove that they are this or they are that,” said Jim Barr, President of the Coalition of Rainbow Alliances.

“This just allows them to not have to go through that stigmatization.”

The bill also waives fees for those living in domestic abuse shelters to have their birth certificate reprinted.

Altering birth certificates is one of the means through which the gender theory movement has sought civic validation.

Every U.S. state other than Tennessee allows transgender individuals to change their vital records to match their gender identity as it varies from biological sex. Six states including California and New York, allow a third “gender X option.”

A statute in the Tennessee Vital Records Act expressly provides that “the sex of an individual shall not be changed on the original certificate of birth as a result of sex change surgery,” although the state does allow individuals to change their gender on driver’s licenses and state-issued IDs.

Meanwhile, this week, the Ohio Department of Health opted not to challenge a court decision from last year which mandating the agency provide birth certificate changes to transgender individuals.

It should be noted that many of these states’ various provisions impact intersex people who are born with biological traits that are not entirely consistent with either male or female and not to be confused with those whose gender identity varies from their biological sex.

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