In Connecticut, You Now Need A Doctor’s Note to Go Mask-Free In Public


It seems as though 2020 has given millions of Americans a very shocking reminder of exactly how a federalist system works and the various degrees to which a state’s respective governor is willing to adhere to the US and state constitution.

Some Americans have found that they have reasonable governors who take the pandemic seriously but still understand their first duty is to uphold the rights of their constituents.

Others, however, have witnessed first-hand what authoritarianism looks like.

Residents in Connecticut will now be required to show a doctor’s note if they wish to appear in public without a mask.

CNN reports that, according to an executive order signed by Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz (D) on Friday, the note must prove that they are exempt from wearing a mask due to a medical condition.

The despotically strict rule went into effect on August 14 and will remain in effect for six months.

While the state had not previously required that residents show proof of a medical condition if they were not able to wear a mask, they have been requiring all residents over the age of two wear a mask in public.

Not just that, but all students in the state are being required to wear masks when some schools re-open in the fall, a requirement that is being challenged by parents.

There is never anything wrong with trying to stop the spread of a virus that has the potential to be deadly for the elderly and immunocompromised.

But if we don’t act to stop the spread of government overreach, those in power will remember how easy it was to trample on our rights.

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