In the Name of Stopping the Spread, California City Bans…Public Sitting?


Apparently, all that was missing from California’s efforts to stop the spread of coronavirus as cases rise despite having some of the strictest restrictions in the nation was a ban on public sitting.

The city of Manhattan Beach, California, not to be outdone by other Golden State localities’ far-reaching COVID-19 mandates, has now banned sitting on public property in an effort to (say it with me now) stop the spread.

Residents are now officially no longer be allowed to use seats and benches on public property; in fact, according to the New York Post, all the seats were removed over the weekend.

Good job, guys.

“The coastal city, located about 20 miles south of downtown Los Angeles and inside L.A. County, saw its number of confirmed COVID-19 cases nearly double over the last two months,” The Blaze explains.

“According to the Manhattan Beach Twitter feed, the city had 425 cases on Nov. 1. As of last Saturday, the city had 821 cases. And the daily number of new cases set record highs on Dec. 31 (21 cases) and Jan. 1 (26 cases),” they continue.

“So city officials decided it was time to take action. That action came in the form of a sitting ban,” the outlet explains.

After all, residents of Manhattan Beach shouldn’t be out in public at all, much less just sitting around on public property, as Mayor Suzanne Hadley explained in a tweeted statement from the city.

People should only be leaving their homes to go to work, purchase “essentials,” or exercise (just don’t go working out so hard you need to stop and take a breather on a public bench).

The statement read:

We must continue to respond to the ever-changing dynamics of this pandemic. We are asking residents to stay home if possible, and mainly go out for work and essentials, or to exercise outdoors.

This recent spike in the virus is significant, despite the good news last month of our Manhattan Beach firefighters receiving some of the first COVID-19 vaccinations. Although public seating areas will be closed temporarily, please continue supporting our local businesses that offer pick-up, curbside, take-out, and delivery services.

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