Indian Surgeon Plans to Attempt Trans Womb Transplant and In Vitro Fertilization

Photo by Trnava University on Unsplash

A New Delhi surgeon plans to attempt the world’s first successful womb transplant and in vitro fertilization in a male body, paving the way for men who identify as women to, theoretically, carry and give birth to children.

“Every transgender woman wants to be as female as possible — and that includes being a mother,” Dr. Narendra Kaushik told The Mirror.

There has only ever been one successful womb transplant attempted, which resulted in death after the male recipient of the donated organs experienced complications. This was in 1931, so Dr. Kaushik is confident that, thanks to modern advancements in medical technology and after dozens of successful womb transplants into women’s bodies, the surgery could pave the way to the first male pregnancy and birth.

“The way towards this is with a uterine transplant, the same as a kidney or any other transplant. This is the future. We cannot predict exactly when this will happen but it will happen very soon,” he said.

Although Dr. Kaushik is not sure of a timetable for when the medical feat might be complete, he is “very very optimistic.”

The procedure would involve a donated female reproductive system from either a living or a dead donor, which would be implanted into the male patient.

Later, eggs frozen from the donor would be fertilized and implanted in the womb. Ideally, the baby would develop within the womb.

C-section would ultimately be necessary to deliver the baby, as the male pelvis, with no vaginal canal, is both too narrow and ill-equipped to deliver a child.

There has only been one successful case of a baby being carried to full term in a transplanted womb, which was in 2019, so the surgery nonetheless seems like a longshot.

Dr. Kaushik’s New Delhi practice is home to a booming sex change operation industry, which often caters to foreign clients.

He says that many patients tell him “that their sexual partners don’t even notice that they weren’t born with female sex organs.”

“And that’s our aim, to make it so that they live as normal a life as possible as a woman. We aim for an aesthetic ideal,” he added.

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