Indiana University Cancels Final Day Of “Sex Fest” After Video Of Spanking Demonstration Goes Viral


Yet another college hosted an annual event dedicated to all manner of perversion and debauchery.

The event, aptly titled “Sex Fest” was meant to be Indiana University at Bloomington’s three-day showcase of kinky sex, bondage, and all manner of other things that no sane person believes should be taught in college.

According to a report by Campus Reform, the event was held at the Indiana University Health Center and was sponsored by the university.

After a video of a woman being spanked while tied to a St. Andrew’s cross device in a BDSM demonstration went viral, however, the school canceled the last day of the event.

Indiana University student congressman Matt Ahmann recorded a portion of the demonstration, which he says took place “in an open room of a dorm hall” on campus.

I did not need to see that, and neither did any of the Indiana U students!!

“Sex Fest” also featured a panel on the “personal stories of people who practice BDSM,” as well as several tables showcasing whips, paddles, sex toys, and other “educational” material involving BDSM, according to photos of the event that were obtained by Campus Reform.

One of the tables at the event also displayed what appears to be a sample consent form, allowing students to “circle things you know you want” and “cross out things you know you don’t want.” In the “bondage” category, attendees could choose from “rope,” “leather/cuffs,” “cages,” and “collar/lead.”

In the “sensation play” category, one could find choices like “electricity,” “hair pulling,” “scratching,” “mind f***s,” and “exhibitionism.”

Still another table listed various types of “nipple toys,” including “clothespin,” “nipple pump,” “nipple lasso,” “magnetic clamp,” “adjustable clamp,” “clover clamp,” “nipple tweezer,” and “hand.”

I’m gonna need a barf bag, y’all.

After receiving “credible information about a planned disruption,” Indiana University Health Center announced that the final day of the event was canceled and apologized for any inconvenience:

I think they’ve got a lot more than just “inconvenience” to apologize for!!

Before the cancellation, Indiana University spokesperson Chuck Carney told Campus Reform that “BDSM safety” is a legitimate educational topic that is frequently requested by students.

“Our public health researchers have found some evidence to suggest that people are engaging in a broader range of sexual activities and as a result, it is the IU Health Center’s mission to make sure they practice it safely, following the BDSM community’s principal tenets of ‘safe, sane, and consensual,’” Carney said.

“The university is wasting taxpayer funds and student tuition,” Ahmann told Breitbart News, however. “The media and families can’t turn a blind eye to what is happening on college campuses.”


Praise God that Ahmann was moved to stand against this perversion, but he’s right! We cannot simply shrug this off as yet another eyeroll-inducing event at our liberal college campuses. We must fight to end each of these disgusting events!!

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