Insane Anti-Trump Protester Eats Bloody Symbolic Heart of President Trump in the Street


In a demonstration of their abject lunacy and evil, a group of anti-Trump protesters performed a mock human sacrifice on the streets of Boston, culminating with one protester pretending to eat the bloody heart of the president.

Several videos of the protest, which took place in the city’s Copley Square, went viral on Twitter this week.

“Antifa burn the US flag and eat a heart symbolic of the President during an anti-democrat violence protest in #Boston #Massachusetts on 10.18.20” reads the caption of one video.

In the video, a protester walks through the smoke of a burning American flag, takes what appears to be a bloody heart, rips it open and pours the blood all over his face.

He is surrounded by other protesters clapping and cheering, mockingly shouting “Make America Great Again,” and “f*** the nazis” as they stomp the burning flag.

In another video of the same incident, one protester describes the sickening event as a ritual to “purge” the nation. One protester poses as President Trump before his heart is symbolically ripped out.

According to Newsweek, the videos come from conflicting political protests on Sunday afternoon.

One event was organized by “Super Happy Fun America,” which referred to its protest as a “Peaceful Protest Against Democrat Violent.”

“We will peacefully demonstrate with speeches and patriotic banners in order to send a message that our group will not be intimidated into silence by the leftist mob,” the group said on its Facebook page, according to Newsweek. “The Antifa / BLM sycophants in the media will no doubt lie about Super Happy Fun America and lionize the violent extremists on the left. But freedom loving patriotic Americans know the truth.”

The heart-eating show was a feature of an accompanying counter-protest by anti-Trump mobsters.

“We refuse to allow racists/fascists into our city to spew hatred. Good, necessary trouble tomorrow,” the Freedom Fighters Coalition wrote in an Instagram post ahead of the event, according to Newsweek.

Solidarity Against Hate, another local leftist group, announced a “Kick Fascists Out of Boston” protest at the same time, Newsweek reports.

Super Happy Fun America “has decided to call a rally denouncing ‘democrat violence,’ a tired retread of the failed ‘march against far-left violence’ at City Hall in 2018,” the announcement declared. “Fascism is no match for a united people. The people of Boston have proven time and again they see through SHFA’s lies, and that they will come out against fascism, racism, and the Trump agenda regardless of threats from the right.”

According to local reporters on the scene, at least two anti-Trump protesters were arrested after run-ins with Boston police officers.

We’ve been saying it for some time now, folks. The left isn’t just crazy. They’re evil to a maniacal degree.

We must stand against this wickedness!

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