Inspiring Teen Who Lost Legs in Attempted Abortion Stuns at Wrestling Championships


It never ceases to inspire wonder to see the potential of those whose parents never intended them to be born.

It also stands as a constant reminder of the potential of any life to achieve greatness, no matter what the conditions of their conception.

Nick Hoot is a dedicated athlete with a tenacious drive. He displayed this tenacity even as an infant when he survived an abortion attempt despite being partially dismembered by the abortionists’ tools.

He has only part of each legs and is missing a developed set of fingers. Yet, ever since he was a toddler, his relentless passion for sports has translated to successful school careers in a number of different athletic fields.

“We made the decision to adopt him after knowing about him for six weeks on Respect Life Sunday at church when we heard the priest say we have to respect all forms of life, even those with disabilities,” his mother, Apryl Hoot, tells LifeNews.

They write that:

Nik was given his first pair of prosthetic legs when he was two years old. Within a couple of weeks he had ditched his walker and was moving about on his own. He’s played nearly every sport available to him: football, baseball, basketball and of course wrestling. Now – he’s blazing a path for his own family.

In addition to Nik, the Hoot’s have adopted five other children from foreign countries, all who have birth defects (this is on top of the three biological children the Hoot’s raised as well). The younger one’s see Nik as a role model and some are already starting to follow in his steps. Of Nik’s siblings, one wrestles with him on the Warriors roster, while a younger sister is a cheerleader. The Hoot’s are a family of miracles.

Apryl recently sent this update to Life News:

He had his best wrestling season yet and made it to the Wrestling Semi State championships. Didn’t win the tourney but the kids who make it to Semi State represent the top ten percent of high school wrestlers in the state of Indiana.

He went through marching band season prior to the start of wrestling enduring pressure sores on the bottoms of his stumps.

Last Spring I allowed him to get a tattoo. He has a rose on each end of the phrase I can only imagine” on his chest. I asked him the significance and he told me the roses were for the aborted babies we memorialize at the pro-life Sunday event at the cemetery each year and the phrase is to remember what they could have been.

What powerful words from a young man whose life surpasses imagination. Praise the Lord for the testimony of his athletic drive and fighting spirit, and may his story be used to show all parents that a baby’s worth always has incredible potential.

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