Intruder Forces His Way Into Woman’s Home Without Realizing She’s An Off-Duty Sheriff’s Deputy


A man in North Carolina learned the hard way not to try to break into homes after the second home in a spree of crime turned out to belong to an off-duty sheriff’s deputy.

According to WECT-TV, 40-year-old Bart Anthony Coniglio forcibly entered the home of a family member in Wilmington last week. A female who made the 911 call regarding the incident said it was her son, the outlet reported.

After escaping out the front door, the woman and a friend ran to a neighbor’s home, and that neighbor happened to be New Hanover County sheriff’s deputy Leyla M. Davis-Woodhouse.

Davis-Woodhouse, a mother of three who was off-duty at home with her kids at the time of the incident, soon made Coniglio regret picking a fight at her door.

Coniglio followed the women to Davis-Woodhouse’s home where he tried to forcibly gain entry.

The woman who claimed to be Coniglio’s mother was still on the phone with the 911 dispatcher, describing the events unfolding while hiding in a bedroom in Davis-Woodhouse’s home.

“He’s trying to get in her house,” she said, according to WECT. “She’s fighting with him outside.” Moments later, the woman told the dispatcher, “She’s trying to get him out of the house … he won’t get out.”

Other neighbors witnessing the altercation reported that Davis-Woodhouse warned Coniglio to not come any closer or she would draw her firearm. Very soon after, they heard two gunshots.

Within minutes of stopping the threat, Davis-Woodhouse called 911 herself and said, “This man has pushed his way into my house, and I shot him twice. They need to get here now.”

Davis-Woodhouse then shouted, “Stay down, you hear me?” at Coniglio and told the dispatcher, “He fought me on the porch and pushed his way inside my house.”

WECT continues:

Conigilio is no stranger to law enforcement. According to the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, the 40-year-old is a convicted felon who has a criminal record dating back to 2002 for offenses ranging from resisting an officer, to possession of controlled substances, to multiple DWI arrests, and embezzlement. He has not done any prison time in North Carolina.

Coniglio also has pending court dates on more than a dozen criminal charges in New Hanover County, including Assault on a Female, Domestic Violence Protective Order Violation, Habitual Assault, Probation Violation, and giving Fictitious Information to an Officer.

As of last week, Coniglio had been hospitalized and was being treated for his wounds, according to WLOS-TV.

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