Ireland Considers Dropping Psych Evaluation Requirement for Transgender Hormone Treatment


Just of the heels of a stunning World Health Organization decision to declassify gender dysphoria as a mental condition, Ireland is considering doing away with their current requirements that those receiving hormone treatment undergo a psychological evaluation beforehand.

The Daily Signal reports:

Ireland is considering letting transgender persons receive hormone therapy without undergoing any kind of psychiatric evaluation by a medical professional, as is currently required under Irish law.

Ireland’s Minister for Health Simon Harris will meet with transgender activists in August and September to determine if it might be appropriate to abandon the current regulations around access to hormone therapy to help transgender individuals transition from their biological sex to the sex of their choice, The Times reported.

Soooo many questions.

First of all, if gender dysphoria is no longer a mental condition…what is it? And why does it require “treatment”?

Second, does it really seem to be in anyone’s best interest to let people inject themselves with life-altering hormones just because they want to?

This is a sad and stunning change from a nation that just a few short months ago, stood as the only Western nation that not only had banned abortion, but had the right to life included in their Constitution.

No more.

The Irish voted to overturn the Eighth Amendment which protected the rights of the unborn, effectively legalizing abortion.

They’re clearly wasting no time in falling in step with the rest of Europe’s far-left social agenda, and it is one that will ultimately be harmful to the lives of both the born and the unborn.

The Daily Signal explains that hormone treatment is far from safe:

Four out of 10 transgender Americans have attempted suicide, according to a 2015 poll by the National Center for Transgender Equality. That rate is nearly nine times greater than the suicide rate among all Americans, according to the poll.

Biological males undergoing hormone therapy to become female have a much higher risk for blood clots than biological men and women, a Tuesday study from the Annals of Internal Medicine found. The study also shows that males who transition to become female don’t experience any of the benefits bestowed upon biological females, like a lower risk for heart disease.

While those genuinely experiencing mental illness that makes them feel as though they are the opposite gender absolutely must receive both compassion and medical treatment, refusing to call it a mental illness and issuing hormone “treatment” at the drop of a hat could not be more irresponsible.

Are we to reduce dramatically altering our body’s hormones to something as casual as taking a vitamin?

This is beyond insane.