Irish Health Minister “Committed” To Banning “Sickening” Pro Life Prayer Outside Abortion Clinics


Thanks to radical pro-abort policies, abortion-minded mothers are set to be more insulated than ever from peaceful pro-life advocates pleading for the lives of children outside clinic walls in Ireland.

Officials in a nation which only legalized abortion just over one year ago, are looking to create “exclusion zones” outside abortion facilities, banning any peaceful assembly for prayer, witnessing, offering resources, or otherwise seeking to encourage mothers not to have their babies aborted.

Simon Harris, the nation’s health minister, expressed his disgust at the sight of pro-lifers gathered outside an abortion facility and said he is “committed” to stifling such speech.

Dr. Mary Higgins, a consultant at Dublin’s National Maternity Hospital (a poorly named facility that provides maternal care as well as feticide services), shared a video of pro-lifers gathered outside the hospital “with small coffins, crosses and unsavoury images.”

Appalled to see,” Harris replied. “I don’t wonder why we need it at all. Have been engaging with Attorney General, Gardai & service providers about how best to bring it in in a manner that is constitutional etc. Can assure you I am committed to it and will be meeting cross party on it this month.”

Harris is “appalled” to see people peacefully lamenting the fact that women are paying to have their children murdered in this “maternity hospital”? How twisted could you get?

In a statement to the press, Harris further denounced the pro-life demonstration, asking, “How dare you turn up at a National Maternity Hospital and try to intimidate women?”

A better question might be how dare you, Mr. Harris, remove all legal protections from Ireland’s unborn citizens and allow them to be poisoned and dismembered in the womb?

Catherine Noone, the deputy leader of the Irish Senate, also complained about the pro-life demonstration. “We can’t wait any longer for exclusion zone legislation, it should have been done before now,” Noone wrote. “It needs to be a major priority for the start of the new term. The danger is that it might never happen if there’s a change of Government.”

Unsurprisingly, Harris also wrote a series of tweets last week commemorating Ireland’s repeal of its Eighth Amendment. The amendment, passed in 1983, acknowledged “the right to life of the unborn and, with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother, guarantees in its laws to respect, and, as far as practicable, by its laws to defend and vindicate that right.”

In January of last year, the Republic of Ireland struck down the amendment by referendum, which Harris celebrated as “fulfill[ing] a commitment to the Irish people” and introducing “free, safe and legal abortion services.”

There is nothing quite so despicable as the fervor with which these people defend their “right” to kill children. Lord, give us the strength to end this holocaust!

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