Is LGBT Propaganda Lurking In Your Homeschool Curriculum?


The education of our children is a high and holy calling for Christian parents.

This is why an increasing number of Christian families are being called to homeschool, so they can raise their children up in the Lord, right at home, with no interference from the public school system.

As we extensively report here at Activist Mommy, public schools can be dangerous environments for young, impressionable children whose parents wish to control their exposure to sexuality, and the LGBT agenda—to name just a few of the troubling “lessons” kids are getting these days.

Unfortunately, as far-left progressives continue to dominate all forms of mainstream educational material, even homeschoolers must be on the lookout for LGBT propaganda in their children’s curricula.

According to Life Site News, Khan Academy, a free education website popular among public, private, and home educators is quietly normalizing same-sex relationships in core subject lessons.

Life Site reports:

Here is an English “problem” on a Khan Academy session:

The lesson is on “Irregular Plural Nouns: from ‘f’ to ‘ves.'” The unsuspecting student is told to “Choose the correct plural noun to use in this sentence:

‘Brittany and Sofia went to lunch with their _____ every Saturday.'”

Khan Academy’s “correct” answer reveals the gay agenda behind the English “problem”:

The only choices are “wifes” or “wives.”


While Khan Academy was founded to offer “free, world-class education” to all children, especially those who struggle in a traditional classroom setting, it clearly didn’t take long for leftism to creep in. In 2010 alone, the non-profit accepted $3.5 million from donors like Bill Gates and Google, which alone speaks volumes about their agenda.

Some might say that a parent could simply skip this one question while working with their homeschooled child, but the only reason this question even exists is that we have buried our heads in the sand and skipped over this garbage for far too long. If you think it’s just this one question, think again. There’s no doubt more material from this company, and likely others, will soon follow suit.

Arthur Schaper of California Mass Resistance explained the gravity of the situation to Life Site, according to The Stream:

He believes LGBT activists are pushing their beliefs in core courses. Schaper says the gay agenda isn’t about equality at all; it’s about a harmful anti-Judeo-Christian belief system. “It is anti-family, anti-life, and anti-biology.”

The long-term goal, says Schaper, is to brainwash children with LGBT beliefs. It’s “to normalize these destructive behaviors” so that as adults, these children will fight alongside LGBT activists for new, false beliefs about sex and gender.

Schaper doesn’t expect the LGBT agenda in schools to succeed. Generation Z is resisting efforts to force them into secular ways of seeing the world, he thinks. “Turning the whole LGBTQ agenda into a set of dry homework assignments will only further de-legitimize the movement.”

Parents should be able to expect their children to learn key subjects, says Schaper, not to turn into “social justice warriors” for the LGBT agenda. His best advice for parents is to send kids to private schools that will not “dabble in social engineering.”

We can’t silently ignore this brazen indoctrination in this otherwise reputable homeschool program. If you use Khan Academy, stop. Not only that, contact them to let them know that you will not support an organization that purports to educate when their true intention is to indoctrinate.


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