Is Ticketmaster Requiring Proof of Negative COVID Test or Vaccination to Attend Events?


Will you be required to receive a coronavirus vaccine or prove a negative test result to attend concerts in 2021? It is looking like a very real possibility, according to reports that concert ticket sellers are ramping up safety measures in hopes of bouncing back from a dismal 2020 concert season.

Although Ticketmaster has denied reports of requiring to be vaccinated for COVID-19, the live entertainment giant is weighing its options regarding additions to its app in the name of concert-goers’ safety.

“We are not forcing anyone to do anything,” Ticketmaster said in a statement according to Yahoo News.

Instead, the company is reportedly considering the addition of technology on the Ticketmaster app that would share if potential concertgoers are coronavirus free—on paper, anyway.

While the company insists that being vaccinated wouldn’t be mandatory, it would be a primary option to be cleared to attend concerts.

Billboard, who initially reported the story, explains:

Here’s how it would work, if approved:

—After purchasing a ticket for a concert, fans would need to verify that they have already been vaccinated (which would provide approximately one year of COVID-19 protection) or test negative for coronavirus approximately 24 to 72 hours prior to the concert.

—The length of coverage a test would provide would be governed by regional health authorities — if attendees of a Friday night concert had to be tested 48 hours in advance, most could start the testing process the day before the event.

—If it was a 24-hour window, most people would likely be tested the same day of the event at a lab or a health clinic.

—Once the test was complete, the fan would instruct the lab to deliver the results to their health pass company, like CLEAR or IBM.

—If the tests were negative, or the fan was vaccinated, the health pass company would verify the attendee’s COVID-19 status to Ticketmaster, which would then issue the fan the credentials needed to access the event.

—If a fan tested positive or didn’t take a test to verify their status, they would not be granted access to the event.

—There are still many details to work out, but the goal of the program is for fans to take care of vaccines and testing prior to the concert and not show up hoping to be tested onsite.

“We’re already seeing many third-party health care providers prepare to handle the vetting—whether that is getting a vaccine, taking a test, or other methods of review and approval—which could then be linked via a digital ticket so everyone entering the event is verified,” said Ticketmaster president Mark Yovich.

“Ticketmaster’s goal is to provide enough flexibility and options that venues and fans have multiple paths to return to events,” Yovich explained, “and is working to create integrations to our API and leading digital ticketing technology as we will look to tap into the top solutions based on what’s green-lit by officials and desired by clients.”

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