ISIS Threatens to Attack US Over Trump Recognizing Jerusalem


Once again, radical purveyors of the alleged “religion of peace” known as Islam have allowed their true colors to shine forth and illuminate their complete lack of humanity by threatening America for recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

This isn’t totally unexpected, as everyone pretty much knew that President Trump’s announcement about Jerusalem, while fair and right, was not going to go over well with much of the Muslim population, especially radical groups like ISIS.

TheBlaze is reporting:

According to the report, terrorist group ISIS spread messages across social media like “ISIS in Manhattan” and “wait for us.”

Photos of Times Square and a “bomb belt and detonator” were included in the messages, Reuters noted.

“We will do more ops in your land, until the final hour and we will burn you with the flames of war which you started in Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Syria and Afghan,” one of the messages reportedly read. “Just you wait.”

Another message allegedly pointed to the Trump administration’s move to declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel: “The recognition of your dog ‘Trump’ [sic] Jerusalem as the capital of Israel will make us recognize explosives as the capital of your country.”

The announcement of recognizing Jerusalem as the capital was infuriating enough to the Muslim community who feel Israel has no real claim on the land despite God giving it to them first, but for them, the moving of the embassy from Tel Aviv to the city is enough to make them blow a fuse.

One of the main reasons so many people seem to oppose this move by Trump is because they have themselves convinced that using Jerusalem as a bargaining chip during “peace talks” would be a useful tool in making both Israelis and Palestinians actually work something out.

This notion is painfully naive and more than a little tone deaf, as the people of Palestine have all but given up attempting to control the radicals who call their country home, the same individuals who routinely and unprovoked, launch attacks at Israel.

Radical Islam will refuse peace talks. They’ll do so because their end goal is to spark World War Three believing that if that happens, it will be the end of the world.

Given that’s their belief, it’s pretty safe to bet they aren’t all that interested in talking peace.

This is just one more reason to add to the ever growing list of why we need to have a strong military presence at home as well as abroad, something we can use to permanently discourage folks like this from taking action that will leave innocent people dead.

Pray for the safety of those living in Manhattan and other places across the country, asking God to keep these people safe and secure.