Isn’t It Ironic? Seattle Biology Teacher Comes Out as Trans


A recent story of a Seattle Academy of Arts teacher that was glowingly reported on by KUOW gives us an absolutely perfect example of irony, which is, ironically, delivered without one shred of irony by its clearly seethingly leftist reporter.

You see, the story is about “Lewis” Maday-Travis, who is a woman that pretends to be a man as she goes about her daily life.

As a biology teacher. 

That’s right, a woman who believes that gender is fluid is a middle school biology teacher!

Not just that, but she recently used her own gender self-delu…I mean, identity, in a recent science class to her students (it clearly wasn’t a lesson on chromosomes).

The KUOW reporter tells the story of Maday-Travis, a woman who started to feel confused in high school and in college decided to try to pretend she was, in fact, a man. As the reporter, Ann Dornfield, puts it, “Maday-Travis was classified as female at birth,” a sentence which could make any reasonable person’s head explode.

The article profiles how Maday-Travis decided to “come out” to her students in unimaginably leftist circumstances.

Two years ago, Maday-Travis started teaching his sixth-graders a unit about how certain groups of people are marginalized in science — like people of color and those with disabilities — and how that changes how science is researched and who is considered.

Oh my goodness, stop.

“As I was opening that unit, I thought that was a really appropriate time for me to talk about my experience as a trans person in science — talking about what it was like when I was perceived as a woman teaching science, or a woman doing science in the lab, compared to my experiences now, as a man.”

Ooooof course you did.

So, it does become a bit more understandable that a woman who thinks she’s a man is teaching a biology class to sixth graders at a school where “marginalized people in science” is actually part of the curriculum.

For sixth graders.

In a biology class.

Maday-Travis goes on to explain how accepting her students were, skipping over the fact that she is their teacher and thus entrusted to teach them things so of course, they are eating up whatever is fed to them because they are children. She also explains that being “out” makes her a “better biology teacher” and one can’t help but wonder if anything in her class actually has anything to do with science.

Speaking of, she also just so happens to teach…wait for it…sex ed and human anatomy, because of course she does.

Dornfield explains that because it is a private school, Maday-Travis does not have to teach out of a textbook and can make her own lesson plan.

“It’s a gift to not be teaching from a textbook,” she says. “I have never seen a respectful, and, like, a truly inclusive approach to bodies like mine in a textbook.”

Maybe that’s because despite all the blatant LGBT, pro-teen sexuality garbage that’s being pushed in public schools, textbooks tend to teach the basic reality of human biology that this middle school biology teacher herself seems to be blissfully unaware of: girls cannot be boys, no matter how hard they, or all their supportive leftist reporter friends, would like to believe they can. 

I seriously can’t even anymore.