J.K. Rowling Returns Award to Pro-Trans Kennedy Foundation Over Views On Biological Gender


You may not like author J.K. Rowling’s progressive views on a great number of topics, but you’ve got to respect her tenacity and determination to speak the truth about what a woman is, and what she most certainly isn’t. Namely, a person who was born with a Y-chromosome.

Rowling, who has taken more than one stand on Twitter for biological reality, has now returned a 2019 award to the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights foundation after her views were denounced by the charity’s president.

According to Breitbart, Rowling wrote on her website that the foundation “has stated that there is no conflict between the current radical trans rights movement and the rights of women.”

“The thousands of women who’ve got in touch with me disagree, and, like me, believe this clash of rights can only be resolved if more nuance is permitted in the debate,” she added.

She went on to explain that she is concerned about young people being pressured by transgender activists into making irreversible decisions about their bodies:

Clinicians, academics, therapists, teachers, social workers, and staff at prisons and women’s refuges have also contacted me. These professionals, some at the very top of their organisations, have expressed serious concerns about the impact of gender identity theory on vulnerable adolescents and on women’s rights, and of the dismantling of safeguarding norms which protect the most vulnerable women.

I’ve been particularly struck by the stories of brave detransitioned young women who’ve risked the opprobrium of activists by speaking up about a movement they say has harmed them.  After hearing personally from some of these women, and from such a wide range of professionals, I’ve been forced to the unhappy conclusion that an ethical and medical scandal is brewing. I believe the time is coming when those organisations and individuals who have uncritically embraced fashionable dogma, and demonised those urging caution, will have to answer for the harm they’ve enabled.

Earlier this month, Kerry Kennedy, the president of the foundation, denounced Rowling’s refusal to agree with the radical trans activists:

From her own words, I take Rowling’s position to be that the sex one is assigned at birth is the primary and determinative factor of one’s gender, regardless of one’s gender identity—a position that I categorically reject. The science is clear and conclusive: Sex is not binary.

The science, as it so happens, is clear and conclusive: biology, not identity, determines one’s sex.

Rowling, far from a conservative when it comes to issues of gender, sexuality, and feminism, rebuffed claims from Kennedy, who is Robert F. Kennedy’s daughter, that she had no concern for the plight of transgender people:

Rowling dismissed Kerry Kennedy’s claim that she is ignoring the concerns of people who feel uncomfortable in their body’s sex, saying:

Like the vast majority of the people who’ve written to me, I feel nothing but sympathy towards those with gender dysphoria, and agree with the clinicians and therapists who’ve got in touch who want to see a proper exploration of the factors that lead to it.

Rowling’s determination to stick to her guns is likely bolstered by the praise from feminists and conservatives alike that she has received for taking this bold stand for biological truth.

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