James Dobson Warns A Biden “Regime” Would Bring “Moral Depravity”


It’s easy to get caught up in the worldly rhetoric of American politics, but the reason that this ministry exists is to draw focus back to what is at the core of our society’s modern downfalls.

To the Christian, we are not ultimately engaged in a battle between political candidates, but between right and wrong.

Parties, candidates, even whole nations may fail to rise to the requirements of righteousness, but the standards never change.

The thing about President Trump, however, is that his promises have resonated the most among a population of voters who have grown jaded with the establishment and frustrated with a quickly degrading culture that no longer seems to be founded in anything right and true.

He may seem like an unlikely choice for millions of faith-based voters more concerned about the value of human life, the safety and security of our children, and fear of the Almighty God than they are about party loyalty or Beltway norms.

He’s far from a perfect man—but he happens to have been held accountable by the most passionate defenders of freedom and advocates for radical spiritual revival over the last five years and, however short his administration may have fallen to impeccable moral standards, it poses a dramatic contrast from the prospective administration of the 2020 election’s projected “president-elect,” Joe Biden.

The Obama White House drove millions of Americans to raise very loud concerns about the degree of corruption in Washington D.C., the dramatic, anti-American nature of the progressive, globalist agenda, and the growing rise of Marxist rhetoric, and dramatic cultural changes.

This was in large part why Trump’s historic first White House bid was successful. A Biden White House, however, would be a dramatic backlash to any ground gained over the last four years in the fight for faith and freedom.

Family advocate James Dobson is warning that, should Biden successfully be installed in the White House, we would be welcoming an era of depravity.

“I won’t speculate on the voting controversy,” he wrote in a newsletter to supporters of the contested election results, which are being challenged by the Trump campaign’s legal team.

“If, however, American citizens have handed over the reins of power to the Biden/Harris ticket, it is important that we examine the platform on which they ran. Elections have consequences, as we know,” he continued, according to WND.

He explained that Biden’s “promises made in writing and on the campaign trail should disturb every conservative Christian.”

When it comes to the “sanctity of life,” the author and radio host stated, Biden “has told us emphatically that he will bring an open season on the unborn child.”

He cited a LifeNews report which had detailed Biden’s agenda to force taxpayer-funded abortions and Planned Parenthood subsidies, push for nationwide abortion on demand, force Christian employers to fund abortions through their health insurance plans, and stack the courts with pro-abortion judges that could cement a legacy of legal abortion for decades.

“That should break the heart of every lover of God’s children,” Dobson wrote. “We, as American citizens, will be complicit in the deaths of millions. How can Joe Biden say he wants to be president of ALL the American people? What does he have to say to the half of us who vigorously oppose abortion on demand, paid for by taxpayers through nine months of pregnancy and perhaps beyond, in America and, by inference, in nations around the world?”

Biden would be the “radical abortion president” starting with his inauguration, Dobson predicted.

That’s not all, however.

Dobson also pointed to the highly consequential issue of childhood gender confusion, and the wildly radical statements the former Vice President has made on the dangerous practice of surgery and hormone “treatment” for minors suffering from gender dysphoria.

“Biden’s regime will also usher in other forms of moral depravity. For example, he recently suggested that kids as young as eight or ten years old should be able to undergo irreversible transsexual transformation. That’s what the man said! Kamala Harris, who may be our next vice president, said she wants this country to legalize all prostitution. What other moral outrage will come from this godless administration? Heaven only knows!” Dobson wrote.

He also pointed to the existential threats of Biden-Harris open borders policies and policy proposal that closely mirrors the radical Green New Deal, which Harris co-sponsored as a Senator.

Trump is far from being a “perfect man,” Dobson continued, and his relationship with the Lord is a “private matter.”

And, it appears that over the last four years, our nation has seen “ a spiritual reprieve” that could soon be passing.

“But [Trump] attempted during the first four years of his presidency to get acquainted with, to honor, and to learn from Christian leaders,” Dobson continued. “He is very close to Rev. Franklin Graham, Dr. Robert Jeffress, Rev. Paula White, Dr. Jack Graham, former Governor Mike Huckabee, and at least 30 others, including myself.”

He noted Trump’s historic appearance at the March for Life and his being the first president to celebrate the National Day of Prayer in the Rose Garden, as well as the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett.

This was all in the face of constant criticism from the mainstream media.

“There was never a respite. President Trump arose every morning knowing he would be unfairly ridiculed and attacked from morning to night. This criticism began before he was elected and continued throughout his presidency. Nevertheless, he stood like a rock and his list of accomplishments could fill a book,” Dobson explained.

All in all, Dobson noted, God is still “in charge.”

“I believe the Almighty has had His hand of protection on this land since the days of its founding fathers. Our ancestors cried out to Him at Valley Forge, Gettysburg, Midway, and Normandy. I don’t believe He has forsaken us now. So how do we explain the predicament that confronts us? I don’t know. Millions of people have been praying about the outcome of this election because we knew it would have such profound moral and spiritual implications. But who can discern the mind of God?” he mused.

He pointed ultimately to an utterly depraved and wicked culture as deserving of judgment that no believer can question.

“If that is accurate, how could a nation murder 62 million babies, fresh from the hand of the Creator, without expecting judgment to fall upon them? Clearly, we stand guilty before Him. … If this explains the disaster that has now befallen this great nation, there is only one biblical response. It is repentance. It is for us to kneel humbly before our righteous and all-seeing God and beg for forgiveness, both corporately and individually. That alone will save us.”