“Jane Roe” Lawyer Refutes Claims That She Was “Paid Off” By Pro-Life Movement


According to an upcoming documentary about “Jane Roe” of Roe v. Wade  (1973) aka Norma McCorvey, was paid off by the pro-life movement that she would go on to join after the role she played in the landmark Supreme Court decision. However, her lawyer and minister claim that the film misrepresents his former client.

The FX documentary, AKA Jane Roe, asserts that McCorvey was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by Operation Rescue, now known as Operation Save America.

“I was the big fish,” McCorvey says in the documentary. “I think it was a mutual thing. I took their money, and they put me out in front of the cameras and told me what to say, and that’s what I’d say.”

“What we did with Norma was highly unethical. The jig is up,” Rev. Rob Schenck, who has since gone on to express his support for Roe v. Wade, says in the film, admitting that he and others paid McCorvey to pose as a pro-lifer. “I knew what we were doing, and there were times I wondered, ‘Is she playing us?’ And what I didn’t have the guts to say was ‘because I know damn well we were playing her.’”

As PJ Media reports, a lawyer who represented McCorvey from 2000 to 2005 is now saying that the film deceptively edited her words.

“I was in contact with Norma while she was ill,” Parker told PJ Media last week. “She thanked me for doing all we could do to reverse Roe v. Wade. She did tell me that she was doing a documentary with some British producers and that they were paying her. My recollection is she told me they were pro-life and they were doing a documentary about her life and she was being compensated for it. Because I was not formally representing her at the time, I did not investigate further—it was just a friendly conversation.”

He explained that it now appears they twisted her words.

“I think they have hours and hours of testimony from her and it would be very easy to do deceptive editing. Our lawyers are going to be asking for all of the footage,” Parker told PJ Media.

“Also, I wonder why these producers may have waited until after Norma was dead to release their work. Was this so she could not refute their deceptive claims?” he asked.

Parker has been emphatically defending his one-time client and friend since the release of the film has been making headlines.

“In view of my many conversations with Norma and considering the sworn testimony she provided to the Supreme Court, I believe the producers of the newly-released FX documentary ‘AKA Jane Roe’ paid Norma, befriended her and then betrayed her. This documentary cannot be trusted and the perception it attempts to create around my friend and former client, Norma, is patently false,” Parker said in a statement.

“Once she became pro-life, Norma fought to the end of her life with all the power and effort she could muster to reverse Roe v. Wade, including asking the Supreme Court to hear her case again,” he continued.

The pro-life movement has long touted the fact that McCorvey joined their ranks after the role she played in the high-profile high court case.

“The abortion business is an inherently dehumanizing one,” she testified in 2003. “A person has to let her heart and soul die or go numb to stay in practice. The clinic workers suffer, the women suffer, and the babies die. I can assure this Court that the interest of these mothers is not a concern of abortion providers.”

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