Jane’s Revenge Plans to “Hunt” Pro-Lifers, Make Their Lives “A Living Hell,” and Overthrow Civilization


The radical pro-abortion terrorist group Jane’s Revenge has vowed to make pro-life Americans lives “a living hell” in the wake of last week’s Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v Wade.

The group, which has taken responsibility for a number of attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers including two over the weekend in California and Vermont, had vowed “open season” on such entities prior to the high court’s landmark decision.

On June 24, the group had called for a “night of rage” in reaction to the decision, and in a subsequent communique has threatened violence against pregnancy centers and pro-lifers in no uncertain terms, ultimately vowing a commitment to overthrowing “the entire global civilization.”

On June 27, the group posted on an anarchist website, taking responsibility for vandalism at a Glendale, California pregnancy clinic.

“As we predicted almost a month ago, the United States Supreme Court stripped millions of people of bodily autonomy and access to abortion. This is only the beginning of the attacks on autonomy in store from the courts and fascists. Up next on the chopping block is access to contraception, the legality of everyday queer life, and gay marriage. But this is part of a broader pattern of fascism within the United States,” the statement read.

It continued:

To all the conservatives, Fox News anchors, judges, cops, Christian extremists, or federal agents reading this:

This attack is nothing in comparison to what is in store for you. Some spray paint will be the least of your worries. For decades you have bombed abortion clinics and murdered doctors. We fight not just for abortion rights, but for trans liberation, ecological harmony, decolonization, the destruction of white supremacy and capitalism, and the uprooting of the entire global civilization.

We will hunt you down and make your lives a living hell. You started this war but we will win it. So far its just been pregnancy crisis centers, but tomorrow it might be your cars, your homes, or even your lives. We support a diversity of tactics and we will not step down in this fight.

The message is signed, “Expect us, Jane’s Revenge.”

Live Action Network noted that while the group didn’t name the clinic in their communique, the Tree of Life pregnancy center in Paso Robles was targeted between Friday evening and early Saturday morning with spray-paint messages, one of which read, as has been the case in other attacks Jane’s Revenge has taken responsibility for “If abortions aren’t safe, you aren’t either.”

Paso Robles police also say the Tree of Life center received a letter from Jane’s Revenge.

Also on the evening of June 24, a pregnancy center in Lynchburg, Virginia was attacked by vandals which were claimed by Jane’s Revenge.

“On June 24th, the night after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Jane’s Revenge smashed the windows of the Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center’s headquarters in so-called Lynchburg Virginia,” another communique bragged.

They ranted further:

Lynchburg is a hotbed of Christian fascism, home to the Neo-Nazi Wolves of Vinland group and Jerry Falwell’s ‘Liberty’ university. We smashed out their windows, and vandalized their building with slogans and imagery ranging from coat hangers to ‘vote blue lol.’

The ground in front of their now smashed front door reads ‘if abortion ain’t safe you ain’t safe.’ We encourage anyone to gather their friends, pick up a crowbar or a bottle of spray paint, find your nearest misogyny shop, courthouse, or pig pen and go f*cking ape sh*t. We have learned that this is really quite simple, all you need is a few trusted friends and a little bit of passion!

Fascism is on the rise but so are we! May the sound of shattering glass (seriously it is so satisfying :)) dry your tears.

In yet another communique, the group took responsibility for an attack in Burlington, Vermont as they “decided it was a good time to remind the tyrants that we are everywhere and that we will not be f*cked with.”

Explaining their decision to target pro-life pregnancy centers, the message explained that “Their tactic is to lure in vulnerable people with emotionally manipulative messaging about ‘non-judgmental support’ before pulling the ol’ bait and switch and doing everything they can to guilt people into carrying their unplanned pregnancies to term.”

Jane’s Revenge concluded this communique by claiming they would bring it “Wisconsin-style” the next time — a reference to the first attack for which the group has taken credit in Madison, Wisconsin when a pro-life activist group was firebombed in the wake of the leaked draft opinion indicating the court would overturn Roe.

Read Live Action Network’s report on these unsettling threats for more disturbing details.

Pray for our country and for the protection of those who operate these vital, life-saving pregnancy centers.

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