Jaxon, Baby Born With Rare Condition Missing Part of His Brain, Dies Peacefully At Age 5


Because his parents couldn’t fathom ending his life by abortion, a precious little boy in North Carolina with a profound and terminal brain condition passed away from this life peacefully in loving arms.

Jaxon Buell was diagnosed late in pregnancy with microhydranencephaly, a rare condition causing him to be born with a brain just a fraction the size of a typical brain and without cerebral hemispheres.

Because most babies born with microhydranencephaly live very short lives, they are tragically deemed lives not worth living and are snuffed out in the womb.

Jaxon’s parents, Brandon and Brittany Buell, however, chose to entrust his life to God’s hands and perfect timing.

Defying all odds, Jaxon lived the happy life every child deserves for five whole years.

According to Today, the Buells announced that Jaxon’s precious life had come to a natural close and that he passed away “very peacefully and comfortably” on April 1 in Brandon’s arms.

“He passed away in my arms and surrounded by his parents and family who were loving on him and providing comfort and endless hours of snuggles throughout his final days,” Brandon told the outlet. “Ultimately, Jaxon passed away from his body and organs shutting down, as is common with children like him. This had absolutely nothing to do with the COVID-19 virus, but was something we always knew from the beginning would likely happen. We just didn’t know when.”

“Jaxon’s legacy is about his strength and his amazing sweet spirit. He truly made me, his mom, his family, and all who learned of his story better,” he added.

Jaxon’s miraculous story almost wasn’t told thanks to doctors who encouraged the Buells to abort him when a preliminary diagnosis of spinal bifida was made at around 23 weeks gestation. The Buells recalled that doctors repeatedly reminded them of the option to abort, claiming that Jaxon would live an extremely short and possibly painful life.

Although aborting Jaxon was never on their radar, the Buells said they were faced with an ultimatum: either they could dwell endlessly on Jaxon’s imminent death, “or we could focus on his life while hoping and praying for the best.”

The family decided to “focus on the business of living,” and they flourished beautifully because of it.

“Within a few weeks,” Brittany Buell said, according to Life News, “I began to see–and trust–that God had a purpose for Jaxon’s life. And if Jaxon died, God would have a reason for that, too. God loves those who bear His image, even the smallest and most helpless among us, and His purposes are often hidden from earthly eyes.”

“Life will no doubt throw you a curveball at some point, if it hasn’t already,” she went on. “When that time comes, we hope you’ll be able to find inspiration from Jaxon’s life. Trust your gut. Embrace uncertainty. Live the life you’ve been given, not the one you imagined. Know when it’s time to give and when it is time to receive. Celebrate the little things. Use your words carefully, recognizing the power they wield. Savor each day. Believe in miracles. Remember that you’re not alone in this. And always look up. For that’s where we find real strength.”

Although God ultimately called Jaxon home at a tragically young age, Brandon declared that even his death shows the beauty of God’s handiwork: “There’s a miracle behind Jaxon’s story. We want to let other families know that even when there’s a dark situation, every life should be celebrated, valued and cherished.”

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