Jean-Claude Van Damme Causes Major Meltdown By Questioning Purpose of Same-Sex Marriage


Belgian action star Jean-Claude Van Damme was recently pushed into commenting on gay marriage, a question to which he was clearly uninterested in pursuing.

But when he made a few jokes about the obvious slippery slope that is same-sex marriage, he got himself in hot water with leftists for not regurgitating the prescribed politically correct position.

The headlines say he “compared same-sex marriage to bestiality”, and while we here have no problem pointing out the natural conclusion of destroying God’s definition of marriage, that’s not even what he said.

What happened was that Van Damme, who appeared on the French talk show On n’est pas couché on Saturday along with French Minister of Gender Equality Marlène Schiappa (because apparently, that’s a thing), was interrogated by the Thought Police and failed to demonstrate his loyalty to the official narrative.

Here’s LGBTQ Nation‘s take on the explosive interview:

Van Damme said that he was brought up with “traditional” values. “I believe that a man is responsible, if he marries, to feed his family,” he said.

Schiappa pushed him on this, asking about same-sex couples. “According to your theory, if a man marries a man, or a woman marries a woman, how do they organize themselves?” she said.

At first Van Damme appeared confused. “Two men… together?” he said.

“Two men can marry, you know,” Schiappa responded. Marriage equality has been legal in Belgium, Van Damme’s home country, since 2003 and in France since 2013.

“They’re going to marry each other,” he said.

“Voila,” Schiappa responded.

“Men marry each other,” he said again, pretending to be shocked.

After some back and forth, Van Damme thinks he has a witty response: “Women marry each other. Men marry each other. Dogs marry each other. Everyone marries everyone,” he said, smiling. “And everyone divorces!”

Some people laughed, but Schiappa interrupted to say that she couldn’t laugh. “It’s the day of Pride today, the Pride Parade where people march to defend their rights,” she said, referring to Paris Pride.

“The last time someone made a comparison between homosexuality and bestiality was a politician from the National Front [a far-right French political party] and he was convicted [of hate speech] by the state.”

Van Damme responded: “I have a lot of gay friends. If they want to get married, it’s OK.”

OK, there’s a lot to unpack here. To begin with, Van Damme was hardly quoting a sermon from Westboro Baptist–it seems he was probably pretty uncomfortable with the questions, knowing full-well what a landmine European political correctness is. That’s right, if you think it’s bad in the US, you have no idea.

So instead, he jokingly hinted at, again, the natural slippery slope that is gay marriage. Everyone marries everyone, and everyone gets divorced! Not really that controversial. But because he mentioned dogs, suddenly he’s comparing gay marriage to bestiality? Not exactly.

Much more disturbing than his comments, however, is the fact that Schiappa unironically told him he could be convicted for making such comments.

As we celebrate Independence Day this week, let this be a reminder that, no matter how much the left pushes for us to be silenced, it’s still unthinkable for Americans to be convicted for their speech, no matter how outrageous such speech may be. But in countries like France, Canada, and the UK, it’s a reality.

The left is obsessed with creating victims precisely so they can enforce “anti-hate” laws, that’s why they pushed Van Damme to answer these questions, and why they twisted the headlines to make it seem as though he’d said something he hadn’t, and why they will stop at nothing to force us to validate their lifestyle…or else.