“Jessica” Yaniv’s Mother Lunges At A Journalist Outside Court Appearance


Jonathan Yaniv, Canada’s infamous pervert who calls himself “Jessica” and fancies himself a “transgender rights activist” has had yet another run-in with alternative media outside the Surrey Provincial Courthouse in British Columbia.

However, after being sued for assault by two previous reporters whom he punched and struck with his cane, Yaniv’s mother was the one to go after Rebel News’ Sheila Gunn Reid.

The incident occurred last Wednesday when Yaniv was attending a court date for charges stemming from the incident in which he flashed a stun gun on camera during an interview with conservative transgender pundit “Blaire White.”

When Reid, who had hired two security guards and an attorney just to ensure she had access to the courtroom without being assaulted by Yaniv or impeded by police, approached Yaniv, he simply walked away.

His mother Miriam, however, became irate and lunged at Reid, who was thankfully protected by her guards.


In a follow-up report this week, Reid revealed that Yaniv had manipulated the court system once more and had his newly-hired lawyer move his court appearance to February 24, meaning an extra week or so that this predator gets to roam the streets of British Columbia as a free man.

“You see, Yaniv is a big angry fella and his mom is a little ball of out-of-control rage,” Reid said, discussing the past instances in which Yaniv assaulted Rebel News reporters Keean Bexte and David Menzies.

“You think the CBC would ever report on this abusive troll the way we are? No,” Reid added. “They haven’t, they won’t, and they wouldn’t. Jonathan checks just too many ‘social justice’ boxes for the CBC to report on him.”

In fact, the CBC has provided some obligatory reporting on Yaniv’s human rights suit against the several estheticians who refused to wax his male genitalia last year, but only after using his preferred name and affirming his delusion that he is a “woman.”

Aside from The Post Millennial and Rebel News, Canada’s national news outlets have been absolutely mum on Yaniv’s sexual harassment of young girls, his dangerous fetish for “helping” young menstruating girls in public bathrooms, his efforts to arrange topless swim parties with adults and children, and his violent assaults of Bexte and Menzies.

While Canada’s woke, impotent legal system continues to allow this predator to roam the streets, we applaud Rebel News and the precious few reporters of integrity who continue to serve the people of Canada with the truth about “Jessica” Yaniv.

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