“Jessica” Yaniv Loses Human Rights Case Against Estheticians Who Refused To Wax His Genitals


Praise God, this story is a breath of fresh air! 

As we and others have previously reported, Jonathan Yaniv, the Canadian transgender “woman” who calls himself “Jessica,” has found no shortage of infamy for sexually harassing minor girls, arranging topless pool parties for minors and adults, shamelessly racist comments, physically assaulting reporters, bragging about possessing illegal weapons, and filing human rights complaints against a slew of estheticians and salons for refusing to wax his male genitalia.

Well, we do regret to report that, at this time and in spite of very serious allegations of sexually predatory behavior, Yaniv remains a free man walking the streets of Langley, British Columbia. 

However, according to The Post Millennial, the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal has ruled in favor of the group of waxing salons Yaniv famously sued earlier this year. Considering Canada’s track record of defying all logic and rationality in favor of advancing the “woke” agenda, this is a huge win!

Yesterday, The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) issued a news release declaring victory on behalf of their clients and sharing the full text of Tribunal member Devyn Cousineau’s decision.

The decision noted that “human rights legislation does not require a service provider to wax a type of genitals they are not trained for and have not consented to wax,” highlighting the fact that Yaniv “engaged in improper conduct” and “filed complaints for improper purposes.” 

The decision concluded that Yaniv was “evasive and argumentative and contradicted ‘herself’” and that his testimony was “disingenuous and self-serving.”

Furthermore, the court document reveals that Yaniv also sought monetary compensation for damages he attributed to JCCF, reportedly up to $15,000 from each respondent, but The Tribunal determined that Yaniv “engaged in improper conduct during the course of this complaint” and instead ordered Yaniv to pay $2,000 each to three of the five estheticians.

While this is a huge victory, don’t go popping champagne just yet. 

Anyone with a functioning brain can see that Yaniv’s complaints were frivolous, baseless, and motivated by greed and insanity. Still, the court decision reveals that this was a narrow victory for JCCF and its clients and that, under Canada’s Human Rights Code, any similar cases in the future might not come to such a favorable conclusion:

I accept that Ms. Yaniv is partly motivated by her desire to fight what she perceives as pervasive discrimination against transgender women in the beauty industry. In that sense, her motives do align with Code’s purposes of eradicating discrimination and providing victims of discrimination with a means of redress. Further, if not for this application, I would likely have concluded that at least one of Ms. Yaniv’s complaints about arm and leg waxing was justified.  

However, I find that Ms. Yaniv’s predominant motive in filing her waxing complaints is not to prevent or remedy alleged discrimination, but to target small businesses for personal financial gain. In many of these complaints, she is also motivated to punish racialized and immigrant women based on her perception that certain ethnic groups, namely South Asian and Asian communities, are “taking over” and advancing an agenda hostile to the interests of LGBTQ+ people. These motives are not consistent with the Code’s purposes, and in particular its purpose of promoting a climate of understanding and mutual respect, where all are equal in dignity and rights.

I reach this conclusion based on a number of factors:  

a. The volume of similar complaints and the profile of the Respondents;
b. Ms. Yaniv’s use of deception to manufacture some of these complaints;
c. Ms. Yaniv’s efforts to punish the Respondents;
d. Ms. Yaniv’s stated desire to resolve all of her complaints for a financial settlement and her pattern of withdrawing complaints in the face of opposition; and
e. Ms. Yaniv’s animus toward certain racial, religious, and cultural groups. 

I stress that none of these factors would be enough, on its own, to justify dismissing the complaints. However, taken together, they persuade me that the complaints are brought for improper motives and should not be condoned by this Tribunal. [emphasis added]

This is certainly a battle won that we can thank the Lord for, but Jonathan Yaniv isn’t going away any time soon. He still has an awful lot of sordid deeds to answer for. Pray that law enforcement in Canada would grow a spine, do their jobs, and investigate the numerous public complaints against this predator!


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