Jesus As A Transgender Woman? All In the Name of “Art” in Brazil


What in the world is wrong with the Brazilian art scene?

Last month, we were horrified to report on a Brazilian art exhibition that featured a live nude man being gingerly touched by children as young as four as their parents encouraged them in the background.

Now, Christians and conservatives in Brazil are outraged at a one-woman (the woman part is unclear here) show depicting the Lord Jesus Christ as transgender.

“In Brazil, we have a very ugly habit of sweeping everything under the carpet,” said Renata Carvalho, the actress (again, this might be a dude) who is performing the show, according to The Christian Post. 

”This just sheds light on what people think. I think it’s excellent that the masks are falling.”


Anyway, the show, entitled “Queen of Heaven” (how clever) has been performed over 60 times across Brazil and has been met with angry protests and petitions to have it banned.

“The performance of this horrific spectacle is equal to the persecution suffered by Christians in the first centuries when they were thrown to wild animals in the arenas of Rome as a form of entertainment,” one such petition reportedly reads.

Opponents were able to obtain an injunction from a judge who called it “disrespectful,” ”aggressive” and “in bad taste,” but this decision was overturned on appeal. Further injunctions have been rejected so far.

In 2005, the same play was performed by Jo Clifford in the UK and was met with similar vitriol from God-fearing residents of Glasgow, where it took place.

“The play imagines a transgender Jesus coming back to the world today,” Clifford explained at the time. “She pitches a sermon and tells a few very familiar Gospel stories.”

“She has a communion, shares bread and wine with the audience, which is really a gesture of solidarity in the face of death, and she gives a blessing,” she/he added.

It certainly is very interesting the way the LGBT lobby wants to claim Jesus for their own rather than admit that they simply reject Him outright. It certainly seems much more convenient to them to try to claim that Jesus would return to earth as a transgender person than it would to admit that they are sinning before Him.

Or perhaps, they are simply so far in their sin, they simply want to anger as many Christians as they can in their short time on earth?

We may never know. But I’ll tell you one thing, we will know that Jesus is Lord, and they can mock Him on earth all they want to, one day every single one of them will bow and declare it!