Lesbian Couple Demands Refund From Jeweler Because He’s Christian


We’ve all heard and read stories from all across the country about how Christian bakers have had their livelihood stripped from them as the result of attacks from the LGBTQ community for their refusal to compromise the truth of Scripture and participate in same-sex weddings.

You know the drill. Gay couple comes in and demands the baker make a “wedding” cake, then gets furious and files lawsuits once the business owner refuses, citing that to bake such an item is a violation of their religious liberty. Which it absolutely is by the way.

Within a matter of weeks these individuals usually end up losing their businesses, getting shut down for standing up for their faith and the principles they believe in.

Many folks often wonder, “Gee, why don’t these silly Bible-thumpers just get with the program and go with the flow? Just make the cake or take the pictures, or whatever.”

Aside from doing so being a sin against the God of the universe, it does absolutely nothing to resolve the hostility that seems to ooze from the pores of those pushing the homosexual agenda.

Here’s an excellent case in point.

According to The American Conservative, a jeweler from Canada, who also happened to be a Christian, was personally opposed to same-sex marriage, but when asked to make rings for a lesbian couple, he did it anyway.

However, when Nicole White and Pam Renouf found out the jeweler was opposed to their “personal lifestyle choice” they had a complete and total meltdown, demanding they be given a refund for the rings.

Here’s a few details from the original report:

“They were great to work with. They seemed to have no issues. They knew the two of us were a same-sex couple,” White said.

“I referred some of my friends to them, just because I did get some good customer service and they had good prices.”

That was before one friend went in to purchase a ring for his girlfriend — and instead found a distressing sign.

It reads: “The sanctity of marriage is under attack. Let’s keep marriage between a man and a woman.”

Apparently, the sight of this sign left the two women so “triggered” they began to think their rings must somehow be tainted since they were made by the hands of a man who believes in God’s design for marriage.

So much for the whole “why not just go with the flow” business, right? This man complied with their wishes and still got nailed for it. It seems that if you’re a Christian these days you lose no matter what path you take

Since it seems compromise isn’t going to give you an “in” with these folks, why not just stick to the principles of Scripture to begin with?

Charles C.W. Cooke weighed in on the situation with the following:

One could be forgiven for wondering how we are all supposed to keep up. Last month, as Indiana’s rather tame religious-freedom legislation was being torched by the mob, America’s more devout dissenters were informed that the price of participation in the marketplace was the subjugation of one’s conscience to one’s Caesar. “You can’t opt out of the law,” the agitators explained. “This isn’t the Jim Crow South!” Their core message? That if we all keep quiet about our views — and if we treat commercial transactions as commercial transactions — nobody will end up getting hurt. Or, put another way: “Cater my wedding, you bigot.”

In Dreher’s story, alas, the opposite case appears to obtain. “We can’t be expected to honor our contracts with companies that disagree with us,” the outraged couple is arguing, “for that might taint our nuptials.” The new message? That we can’t all get along by keeping quiet, but instead need to positively affirm one another or face the consequences. Or, put another way: “Even if I ask you to, don’t cater my wedding, you bigot.”

The bottom line here is that the ideology the LGBTQ community and the majority of leftists ascribe to is naturally at enmity with the Christian worldview and no amount of compromise except total rejection of Christ and biblical values is going to satisfy them.

These individuals want to have the affirmation of all people that their lifestyle is normal and right. Why the need for the approval of others? Because, at their core, they affirm the truth of Romans 1:18, that they in reality know God exists, that His Word is true, and they are working in their sinful natures to bury that truth and ignore it, hoping beyond hope they can get away with making their own rules for life.

Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way. God makes the rules. It really is His way, or the highway.

Anyone who is secure in the belief that what they are doing is natural doesn’t need this constant confirmation of normalcy.

This story is a perfect example of why it’s so crucial for us all to keep fighting for religious liberty, because the fight to end it is still raging on.