John Kasich Says Voting For Trump “Inconsistent ” With Christian Beliefs Ahead Of DNC Speech Supporting Biden


Former Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich has announced that he is officially supporting Democratic nominee Joe Biden for November’s presidential election.

In an interview with Erin Burnett on CNN’s “OutFront,” Kasich stated that he believes Christians voting for President Trump is not “consistent with the things that they believe in as promoted in the Old and New Testament,” that the Republican Party is not his “master,” and that those who agree with him must be “prepared to walk a lonely road.”

“I would encourage other Republicans to know that it is okay to take off a partisan hat,” Kasich said, according to Breitbart, “…and vote on the basis of what your conscience tells you about the future of our country, not just for yourself but for your kids as well.”

“I believe Biden can bring us together,” Kasich went on, declaring that Biden’s faith was a motivating factor in his support and agreeing to speak at next week’s Democratic National Convention. “I’ll disagree with Joe on things, and they expected that when they asked me to do this. I said yeah, there are things I’ll disagree with Biden on. There are things I’m concerned about. At the end of the day, I think he is a man of faith.”

“I think he is a man, look, his history has been an ability to bring people together,” Kasich continued. “That is the way it was when I was in Congress when we balanced the budget. We’re able to do welfare reform. And I think he can restore civility. I don’t think he’ll go hard left. I think he is a pretty tough guy. So I’m comfortable with the fact that he would be our leader. And I expect he’ll have Republicans that will be part of anything he does going forward. That’s the way — that is his nature and has been history.”

“And he is a man of deep faith,” Kasich reiterated, signaling the nature of his upcoming DNC speech. “And a man that has suffered some tremendous grief that has shaped his character, all some of the things I will talk about in my speech.”

“So Southern Baptist Minister, he is ordained, Mike Huckabee said the other day in part, ‘I don’t know if anybody, people of faith who think Joe Biden is a great choice. I tell you they’re not going to go with Biden. That’s not an option.’ What do you say?” Burnett asked Kasich.

“Well, I’m clued in to a lot of people of faith, a number of them, who are very happy that I’m making this decision,” Kasich declared. “I can give you names. I don’t want to say it on the air, but I can give you names of them if we have to come back and do that.”

“And the fact is, you know, the faith is a matter of your personal relationship,” Kasich explained. “And so I don’t know why that’s been said about Joe. I think he is a man of faith. I don’t sit down and talk about all of his religion with him, but I’m comfortable with him. I, like I say, I consider myself to be a man of faith. A flawed man of faith for sure, but aren’t we all? So I don’t think anybody can speak for the entire faith community and try to say that this person is good and that person isn’t. A lot of people scratch their heads about why some of these very conservative Evangelicals support Trump. It seems not to be consistent with the things that they believe in as promoted in the Old and New Testament.”

As for support of the Democratic pick this election, rather than writing in a Republican other than Trump as he did in the 2016 election, Kasich chalks it up to his conscience.

“The reason I didn’t support Trump the last time is I was afraid that he would be a divider and not a unifier—and our best leaders historically have been unifiers, Republicans and Democrats,” Kasich said, according to Fox News. “But unfortunately, as I’ve watched him over the last three-and-a-half years now, he’s continued to do that and I don’t think the country does well when we’re divided.”

“And so, I had to search my conscience. When the Democrats asked me to speak, I had to think about it, and I believe that we need a new direction. We just can’t keep going the way that we’re going,” Kasich went on.

Ultimately, Kasich says he’s willing to be ostracized if it means voting with a clear conscience this year.

“If you’re not prepared to walk a lonely road and do the things that your conscience tells you to do, then how do you think about yourself when you look in the mirror?” he stated.

“I mean, I’m comfortable with the decisions I make,” Kasich concluded. “Of course, there’s blowback…This is not an unusual place for me to be. I’ve been a reformer almost all of my life. I’ve been very independent and I’m a Republican but the Republican Party has always been my vehicle but never my master. You have to do what you think is right in your heart and I’m comfortable here.”

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