Notoriously inflammatory left-wing commentator Joy Reid recently peddled an absurd slur against the pro-life movement that, had it not been for LifeNews, might have gone unnoticed by many Americans (thanks to the declining viewership of cable networks like Reid’s MSNBC).

Speaking with Democratic strategist Juanita Tolliver and former Democratic Sen. Doug Jones recently, Reid attempted to undermine the intelligence of millions of American voters by characterizing white conservative women as having been duped into voting away their own “reproductive rights” by “white supremacists” who feared “race suicide.”

This is the landscape of political discourse in 2024.

Reid lamented to her guests that “the sort of trick that has been difficult to get her out how to untie this knot, Juanita, which is that, you know, white women on a majority, do vote Republican even in states where they’re voting away their reproductive rights. I think about Georgia where they voted for Brian Kemp and his six-week abortion ban and so it’s like, what will unlock that fealty that white women have to it.”

“I read this thing in Slate that talked about the origins, the white nationalist origins of the anti-abortion movement,” she continued. “It says the following in Slate, ‘In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the movement against abortion mainly included white supremacist who pointed to declining white birthrates believed that legalized abortion would mean race suicide for white Protestants.’”

Stunningly, Reid then went on to declare to Tolliver that “you don’t think they want you and me” (neither women being white) “to have more babies.”

She then asked, “How do they get the message to white women that they are the target and should vote accordingly?”

This certainly appears to be a difficult strategic challenge for the abortion-fanatic Democrats in 2024, considering abortions kill significantly more non-white babies than they do white babies and in some sad cases, have exceeded the birth rate among black babies.

One can’t believe one even has to mention it, but the founder of the massive abortion provider and abortion lobbying powerhouse, Planned Parenthood, was founded by a racist eugenicists who had dedicated her life to controlling the population of black and Latino babies!

I mean, are you kidding me, Joy Reid?

Do we even have to mention how absurdly offensive this line of reasoning and deceptive presentation of the pro-life movement is to non-white abortion abolitionists who, along with so many of us, look for inspiration to the powerful slavery abolition movement to inspire us to continue to fight to end the murder of the unborn?

Friends, what the progressive left has never understood is that by politically weaponizing racism, they’ve unwittingly exposed the racism of the secular, progressive worldview which ultimately ends in the mass murder of millions of unborn babies and mass production of chemical abortion drugs and abortifacients that hurt so many women and destroy so many lives.

This is one of many reasons we must continue to fight for the right to life, which is the fundamental right on which all civil rights are based and must be protected to protect the dignity and liberty of all Americans and human beings everywhere. The “white supremacist” slander is unthinkably tasteless mudslinging by a desperate gaggle of pundits who will, Lord willing, be remembered as having been on the losing side of history.

Link: Joy Reid Claims the Pro-Life Movement Has “White Supremacist” Origins

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