Judge Rules That California Churches Must Pay For Abortions

A federal court has dismissed a legal challenge presented by three California churches unhappy with the state’s requirement that churches pay for baby murder through their health insurance plans.


According to LifeNews, the legal battle began in 2014 when the California Department of Managed Health Care reclassified abortion as a “basic health service” that ought to be covered under the Affordable Care Act.

All insurance plans in the state were subsequently ordered to cover baby murder – including those provided by churches.

The legal fight against that order came to an end – for now – with last Friday’s dismissal.

“If the state can force a church to pay for the very thing they counsel against, in violation of their constitutionally protected religious beliefs, then no American is secure,” LifeNews quotes Jeremiah Galus, providing legal aid for the churches via Alliance Defending Freedom, as stating last Friday.

“Churches should be free to serve their communities according to their religious beliefs without unjust government edicts that force them to violate those beliefs.”

“California has no right to dictate what pastors or churches believe on moral and cultural issues,” he reportedly continued.

“Yet, with the stroke of a pen — and without consulting the public — the state mandated that churches must pay for the taking of innocent human life.”

This dismissal upholds a decision by the Obama administration stating that ordering churches to subsidize a practice that stands directly contrary to Christian beliefs is not unconstitutional.

“The decision was based on a flawed reading of the Weldon Amendment,” reports LifeNews.

“Under Obama, the office argued that the Weldon Amendment only protects health insurance plans, and not the purchasers of such plans. It also stated that the insurance companies have not complained.”

Of course insurance companies have not complained – they’re profiting from this madness, bigly.

As California Family puts it, “this mandate is draconian, expresses hatred for Christianity, and disdain for conscience protections.”

According to LifeNews, Jeremiah Galus is – along with the churches he represents – considering whether or not to contest this dismissal.

Please continue to pray for our Christian brothers and sisters in California, that they might find victory against this unjust and unconstitutional force used against them by the federal government to subsidize such a draconian practice as the murder of babies.

Learn more about this ridiculous legislation below.

California Family