Judge in David Daleiden Trial Suppressed Evidence of Baby Body Part Trafficking


The incredible miscarriage of justice that has seen investigative reporter David Daleiden on trial for daring to expose the criminal misdeeds of Planned Parenthood never ceases to amaze.

In the latest update on the agonizing, protracted federal civil jury trial in which Daleiden and his organization, Center for Medical Progress (CMP) are accused of illegal wiretapping, trespassing, and more, Judge William Orrick repeatedly stifled defense questioning that, in his opinion, tiptoes too close to shining the spotlight on Planned Parenthood’s history of selling tissue from aborted babies.

Since the first day of the trial, Orrick declared that this case “is not about the truth of whether plaintiffs profited from the sale of fetal tissue or otherwise violated the law in securing tissue for those programs,” and that, “those issues are a matter of dispute between the parties in the world outside this courtroom.”

Maybe so. And yet, we still have yet to see any official moves to bring Planned Parenthood to justice for their crimes. If Judge Orrick continues to suppress this damning evidence, will we ever?!

Unsurprisingly, that’s not where Judge Orrick’s meddling ended. Breitbart reports:

On day two of the trial, when defense attorney Horatio Mihet asked Daleiden’s partner and CMP investigator, Sandra Merritt, about information she learned about the human tissue procurement company StemExpress from a Planned Parenthood whistleblower, Orrick ordered the court to take a break. He sent the jury out of the room and lectured Mihet for disobeying his orders to not discuss abortion procedures.

“I just want to be very clear that I want these witnesses to be able to testify as to what their reasonable state of mind was with respect to the specific defense…but we’re not going into the truth of abortion procedures. I’ve excluded that,” Orrick said.

Another defense attorney, Charles LiMandri, interjected, saying he didn’t understand why the judge was precluding information their clients learned about Planned Parenthood’s abortion practice.

“It would almost preclude the defense entirely, because part of showing what someone’s reasonable belief is that reasonableness of the information they relied on and the source,” LiMandri said.

Later, when Merritt was asked to describe how a Stanford study used a device to keep intact fetal hearts beating and alive for experimentation, Orrick cut her off with an, “All right. Thank you.”

On day three, CMP investigator Adrian Lopez testified that he was motivated to investigate Planned Parenthood’s fetal tissue harvesting efforts when he saw an online order form for fetal body parts on StemExpress’s website.

“You go in there and it’s basically a custom order for fetal tissue. You put — there is a drop-down menu for gestational age. There is a drop-down menu for what type of tissues you want, quantities and so forth,” he said.

“Your Honor, may I show the witness a screen shot of that website?” defense attorney Paul Jonna asked.

“Not — we can talk about it at the break, but tissue procurement organizations I’ve already made rulings on with respect to this,” Orrick said, deciding that he would not allow the defense to show the jury screenshots of the relevant StemExpress order form.

One of Orrick’s more glaringly biased rulings was his decision to allow Planned Parenthood’s lawyers to play recordings of the undercover videos in question but refused to allow Daleiden to do the exact same thing, with the exception of a select few videos allowed to be played for the jury without any sound or captions. When the jury’s ability to determine whether the undercover videos are considered “private” or “confidential,” and therefore illegal in California, Daleiden has been barred from providing such evidence in his own defense!

In spite of Judge Orrick’s obstruction, brazen admissions of trafficking in baby body parts were made by Planned Parenthood witnesses themselves.

Breitbart continues:

On day four, Dr. Thomas Moran, associate medical director of Planned Parenthood Pacific Southwest, was asked about Planned Parenthood’s supply of fetal organs to the aborted fetal organ wholesaler Advance Bioscience Resources.

“And as a result of abortions that would be performed there, including abortions you did, they would sometimes place a demand for certain organs, correct?” the defense attorney asked.

“That was certainly my understanding, yeah,” Moran answered.

On day five, the former head of Planned Parenthood Northern California and Mar Monte, Dr. Leslie Drummond-Hay, said she was once asked to provide four intact limbs for StemExpress, and was successful in doing so. In one of the undercover videos recorded by Daleiden, Drummond-Hay said StemExpress was so impressed by her specimens, they got “oohs and ahhs.”

During cross examination, when asked what she meant by that, Drummond-Hay answered, “The tissue procurement company was happy with the specimen.”

How utterly vile. The Lord will surely not withhold his righteous judgment from a nation that kills and devours, through medical research and experimentation, its own precious children.

The trial will continue with hearings scheduled through November 15. 

We must continue to lift up David Daleiden and the folks at CMP in prayer. We serve the Judge of all the earth, and he will do what is right. 

Please reach out to Judge Orrick and respectfully urge him to allow the truth to be spoken in the courtroom. We will never see justice on this side of heaven as long as those in power continue to cower under the influence of Planned Parenthood.

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