Judge in Ghislaine Maxwell Case Orders Prosecutors to Name Her Alleged Co-Conspirators


Federal prosecutors involved in the case against Ghislaine Maxwell, the accused madam for the late Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex trafficking ring, have been ordered to name her co-conspirators.

Last month, prosecutors had said they had “no basis” to disclose the names of those who may have been involved with Maxwell’s alleged crimes.

According to The Epoch Times, they stated that they would not “provide an exhaustive list of co-conspirators, whether in a bill of particulars or otherwise,” nor did they “intend to do so absent further order of the Court.”

The prosecutors only planned to introduce co-conspirator statements from Epstein, who died in his cell in 2019 while awaiting trial for sex trafficking, and another employee of the notorious financier.

Judge Alison Nathan said that she made the order to name other co-conspirators because the state “failed multiple times to object to Maxwell’s requests to do so.”

Maxwell’s trial is scheduled on November 29 and faces charges of trafficking a minor with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity as well as conspiracy.

She was once the girlfriend of Epstein, who was facing similar charges when he reportedly hung himself in a Manhattan prison cell, and has long been accused of recruiting girls for Epstein as well as sexually abusing girls herself.

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