Judge Rules In Favor of Foster Family Who Insisted Their Multiple Children Were Transgender


The most disturbing aspect of  LGBT activism is the promotion of their dangerous ideology and perverse agenda on young children in particular. Liberal parents, happy to give way to this agenda and believing they are “woke” and “tolerant,” are pushing their children, sometimes as young as 3-years-old, into a life of gender confusion. We all know the wants and desires of children can change from day-to-day, yet we are to believe they are capable of making such a paramount decision that will affect them for the rest of their lives?

One family in the UK is under investigation by child service officials who claim they are forcing their children to become transgender. The couple, referred to in court documents as CP and TP, have not one but two children who they claim are transgender, one of which is a foster child.

The Pluralist reports:

Local U.K. child services officials have launched an investigation into foster parents who are believed to have “manipulated” their children into identifying as transgender.

During a closed hearing in Lancashire, England last month, a family court heard that the foster couple sent the 3-year-old boy to school dressed in girl’s clothes, The Spectator reported. The parents, identified in court documents as CP and TP, were “expressly” asked by teachers not to send the boy to school wearing girl’s clothing, but they ignored the instructions.

The court heard that the couple’s youngest biological son – now daughter – transitioned at the age of 7, while his parents took steps to change his legal name and passport. A child who was once fostered by CP and TP is now said to be experiencing “gender identity issues.”

Judge Justice Williams, dismissed the concerns of Lancashire County Council social workers regarding the children’s “early transitions” and ruled that the parents could retain custody of the five children in their care. Three of the children are fostered and two of them are biological.

Williams relied on the expert opinion of psychologist Vickie Pasterski in making his decision. Pasterski works at the private London Transgender Clinic. According to Pasterski, the children’s gender dysphoria had not been caused by “interpersonal influence or environmental interference” and was biological in nature. Williams found that the children had not “suffered or are at risk of suffering significant emotional harm arising from their complete social transition to females occurring at a very young age” and said Pasterski had “compellingly” rebutted social service authorities’ allegations.

This is completely insane. A judge has ruled that these obviously abusive parents have the right to retain custody of their children based on testimony by a woman who has a vested interest in seeing children pushed into transitioning. As The Spectator points out, because of Pasterski’s position at the private London Transgender Clinic, there is a potential conflict of interest.

Not only is it a conflict of interest because of her position, but her testimony is clearly biased due to her support of gender ideology. The judge apparently failed to acknowledge these issues and instead took her testimony as valid and left these children in a home where they will most certainly be encouraged to continue this gender confusion. 

As the New Zealand Herald noted in their report of this story, “The head of clinical psychology at the Tavistock, Bernadette Wren, wrote recently in an academic paper that ‘younger gender-atypical children are likely to be more easily influenced by their parents’ view about gender, even to the point of assuming an absolute, long-term commitment to a binary gender identity and a social transition.”

The report noted that another clinician at the Tavistock told the Sunday Times that “to have two children of that age undergoing full social transition in the same family was ‘unheard of’” in their experience.

Twenty years ago there would have been no question about these parents abusively forcing their children to assume different gender identities than that of their biological assignment and now a judge has forsaken common sense in favor of biased testimony from a woman who makes a living making boys into girls and vice versa.

These children need prayer. Western courts are increasingly becoming more liberal and less concerned with the protection of children in favor of being advocates of the LGBT agenda.

Recall that in the recent case of a 7-year-old boy in Texas whose mother insisted that he “transition” with or without the consent or the boy’s father, had it not been for the judge’s decision to reverse the jury’s decision, that little boy would have been at the complete mercy of his unstable parent. 

These children are being thrown to the wolves. Pray that child services in the UK can save these children with or without the help of the courts.


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