Loudoun County Teen Rapist Sentenced, Judge Says His Psych Evaluation “Scared” Her

Photo by kyo azuma on Unsplash

The Loudoun County, Virginia teenage boy found to have raped a female peer in a girls’ bathroom while dressed in a skirt in an incident that received national attention amid tensions between parents and the county’s school board has been sentenced with the judge saying the youth’s psychological evaluation “scared” her.

The 15-year-old boy will remain in a locked treatment facility until he is 18 and will be on a sex registry list for the rest of his life.

CBN News reported that Judge Pamela Brooks of Loudoun County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court said she’d never ordered the latter in a juvenile case, but was compelled to after reviewing the unnamed young man’s psychological and psychosexual evaluations.

“Yours scared me,” she told him. “I don’t know how else to put it. They scared me for yourself. They scared me for your family. They scared me for society.”

“Young man, you need a lot of help,” the judge added.

The newly sentenced juvenile offender reportedly hung his head and cried upon receiving the sentence.

The teen was involved in two assaults on Loudoun County public school campuses. In the first incident, he raped a girl in the women’s bathroom at Stone Bridge High School in May of 2021. The case received national attention after her father’s arrest at a Loudoun County School Board meeting was cited by the National School Board Association as an example of such incidents they called on the Biden administration to classify as “domestic terrorism.”

Although the NSBA has since recanted of its strong language after 27-member state organizations distanced themselves or fully cut ties with the national group, the Biden administration’s DOJ created a task force to address the purported threats.

Meanwhile, the victim’s father revealed that he was arrested after the school superintendent had commented during a summer ’21 school board meeting that there had been no known incidents of sexual assault in campus bathrooms as district policy allowing students to use bathrooms that correlate with their gender identity was being hotly contested.

“The predator transgender student or person simply does not exist,” Superintendent Scott Ziegler reportedly said at the time. “We don’t have any record of assault occurring in our restrooms.”

The district and school board have since faced growing scrutiny over how much they knew about the assault as the public now has the distinct impression that it was covered-up as evidence has emerged that Ziegler and the board were well aware of this incident, during which the then-14-year-old assailant had been wearing a skirt.

The teenager, who was removed from Stone Bridge High School after the incident, later forcibly groped a second teen girl after being transferred to a different school.

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