Judge Warns Assault Victim to Use Preferred Pronoun for Her Attacker During Testimony


You may be surprised to learn that there are feminists out there who believe that only women should be able to identify as women, but they’re out there. And in the era of trans-everything, these women often find themselves directly confronted by trans activists who quite adamantly, and in some cases, violently, oppose their “trans-exclusionary” feminism.

This is what happened in October of last year, when a brawl broke out at an event in London’s Hyde Park held by Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists (TERFs), who were violently confronted by transgender counter-protesters. TERFs believe that people who are born male should not be given the same rights as biological woman, regardless of how they identify.

A 60-year-old woman, Maria MacLachlan, was knocked to the ground and beaten as the trans activists and TERFs taunted and yelled at each other. But when police showed up to arrest her assailant, they were so nervous as to how to refer to the assailant to the press and ended up refusing to give his gender. 

It turns out that MacLachlan’s assailant was a 26-year-old biological male who goes by the name Tara Wolf and–you guessed it–identifies as female.

However, the police weren’t the only ones more concerned about political correctness than they were about the fact that a 60-year-old woman was beaten. The judge during Wolf’s hearing went as far as to scold MacLachlan for using the incorrect pronoun.

As MacLachlan described to the court how she had her camera knocked out of the hand and was punched and kicked once she had fallen to the ground, District Judge Kenneth Grant warned her that “the defendant wished to be referred to as a woman, so perhaps you could refer to her as ‘she’ for the purpose of the proceedings.

“I’m used to thinking of this person who is a male as male,” MacLachlan shot back.

The defendant claimed that he believed MacLachlan was trying to take pictures of the counter-protesters to “out” them as trans online, but MacLachlan denies she had any intention behind documenting the counter-protesters or that she knew they were transgender.

“They were not easily perceived as trans. I don’t mind going through them face-by-face if you want to argue the toss,” she told the judge.

Wolf, on the other hand, seems to have expressed his intention before the rally a little more clearly, posting “I wanna f*** up some terfs. They’re no better than fash (fascists),” on his Facebook page.

“Ultimately,” Life Site News reports, “the judge found Wolf guilty of assault, and ordered him to pay a total of £430 in fines and expenses. He rejected his self-defense argument on the grounds that multiple attendees on both sides had been filming the event.”

“However,” they continue, “Grant also rejected MacLachlan’s request for compensation, ‘due to the unhelpful way in which the victim was present’ at the protest, including her repeated refusal to stop filming.”

The judge also made sure to clarify how displeased he was at MacLachlan’s incorrect pronoun usage.

“It was notable that when I asked Ms. Maclachlan to refer to Ms. Wolf as ‘she,’ she did so with bad grace,” he said, “having asked her to do so she continued to refer to Ms. Wolf as ‘he’ and ‘him.’”