Judge’s Ruling Forces Christians To Pay For Abortions


One of the foundations of our great nation that makes liberty possible is that the power of government is separated into three branches, the executive, the legislative, and the judicial, spreading the power out and preventing it from being consolidated in one branch or group of people in order to combat tyranny.

Well, that’s how it’s supposed to go in theory, but unfortunately, that’s not how things are playing out in a modern America where liberty is being strangled to death by progressivism slowly pushing power to the judicial branch of the government.

Federal judges at every level seem to be working hard to usurp the authority of the executive and legislative branches of government, stripping the American people of their voice in how this country is run and also stopping the president from accomplishing major parts of his agenda.

A judge recently overturned President Trump’s repeal of the Obamacare mandate that would keep Christians from paying for abortions, spitting on religious liberty in the process.

LifeNews has the details:

In October, President Donald Trump’s administration provided relief from the Obamacare birth control mandate by granting wider exceptions to religious groups.

The new rules provided relief to groups like the nuns of Little Sisters of the Poor and the religious owners of Hobby Lobby, which were forced to challenge the mandate to the U.S. Supreme Court or face crippling fines.
However, several state attorneys general challenged the decision.

On Friday, a challenge by Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro succeeded when federal Judge Wendy Beetlestone blocked the Trump administration from enforcing the rule, according to the AP.

“The Commonwealth’s concern is that absent available cost-effective contraception, women will either forego contraception entirely or choose cheaper but less effective methods—individual choices which will result in an increase in untended pregnancies,” Beetlestone wrote. “That, in turn, will inflict economic harm on the Commonwealth because unintended pregnancies are more likely to impose additional costs on Pennsylvania’s State-funded health programs.”

Many pro-life groups are furious with the judge’s decision and rightfully so. Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List had this to say about the ruling:

“This is a shameful ruling that seeks to continue the Obama-era assault on conscience rights and religious liberty.”

“Why should Catholic nuns who care for the elderly poor be forced by the government to provide abortion-inducing drugs in their health care plans? Moreover, moral objectors like my own pro-life organization, SBA List, should not have to pay for life-ending drugs that are antithetical to our mission. There is absolutely no ‘compelling state interest’ in forcing pro-life employers to violate their consciences to provide abortion-inducing drugs. We thank President Trump for standing up for conscience rights and religious liberty and are confident the Administration will fight this ridiculous ruling.”

So what exactly is the point of having executive action powers and winning the presidency if you are not allowed to use them or will have your every move overturned by a federal judge?

This is just another overstepping of the boundaries set by the Constitution by liberals in the judicial branch who want to force their immorality down on the rest of the country.

If we are truly pro-life people, we must be willing to go the distance and take the fight to the courts when possible, not shying away from federal hearings on these matters. If we do not stand up for our rights and the rights of the unborn, who will?

Our nation has abandoned God, and as a result, it continues to spiral out of control into lawlessness that is giving way to more and more persecution. If we are to be salt and light in the world, we have to be willing to get our hands dirty by standing outside abortion mills and court houses proclaiming the Word of God.

Please pray a more permanent solution to both abortion and this Obamacare mandate are reached and that religious liberty and the right to life are upheld and protected.