Kabul Bombing Witness Says 5-Year-Old Child Died In His Arms After the Deadly Blast


A witness to Thursday’s horrific and deadly terror attack outside the Kabul airport says that as he tried to rescue victims from the carnage a young girl died in his arms.

An Afghan translator to the US Marines who had been one of the thousands of desperate Afghans seeking to flee the Taliban-controlled country told Fox News that he was on the scene of the blast at the Abbey Gate of the Hamid Karzai International Airport.

The child was not his own.

“There was an explosion that happened inside the crowd. A lot of people got hurt,” the man, identified as “Carl,” told Fox News. “I got a baby girl that — she was five years old, she died right in my hands.”

“I don’t know what exactly is going on over here, but I think some of the Americans, they got hurt too. And some people are running around,” he explained.

“I saw her on the ground. I picked her up and I took her to a hospital, but she died,” Carl said of the devastating scene.

Giving the interview in the early hours after the explosion, the grieved witness was unsure what had happened.

“They said that it was a suicide bomb that happened inside the crowd, but some people are saying that the U.S. — they were shooting flashbangs and stuff, and it might be they made a mistake or something. I cannot say what exactly happened, but the explosion was very bad. And there are a lot of people who got hurt,” he said.

We have since learned that twin attacks targeted the airport and the nearby Baron Hotel, where Americans had previously been meeting in the wake of the Taliban takeover on August 14.

ISIS has taken responsibility for the attack, in which suicide bombers detonated explosives before militants opened fire on the crowds.

Tens of thousands of desperate Afghans had been camping outside the airport hoping to find a place on one of the airlifts that have been leaving every 40 minutes for days as the hours dwindle before the August 31 deadline for a full NATO troop withdrawal.

13 US troops were killed in the blast, the deadliest US casualty event since 2011.

The crisis in Afghanistan was already a scene of unthinkable horror — in a single day, the situation has gotten more dire and now American blood has been shed.

Pray that the blood of Jesus will cover this war-torn nation and that He would be with those suffering through the unthinkable loss and tragedy that has resulted from the Taliban takeover.

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