Kansas City Chiefs’ Head Coach Says It Would Be An “Honor” To Visit The White House Aftern Historic Super Bowl Win


In recent years, since President Trump was elected, winning sports teams have used their invitation to the White House as an opportunity to make their opposition to his administration known. Most athletes seem blissfully unaware that we don’t admire them for their great intellectual prowess or watch them for their political activism but rather appreciate their athletic ability and the fact that it’s simply entertaining to watch them do what they do best (we’re looking at you, Megan Rapinoe). 

Many of these spectacular athletes nonetheless feel the need to take political stands at the risk alienating many of their fans and making themselves look childish and immature, not to mention taking something like sports, which could unite Americans in an otherwise divisive time, and making it unnecessarily political.

It’s even more unfortunate when a head coach or manager decides to play politics, such as  Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora, who refused to go to the White House after the Red Sox won the World Series in 2018. How can these team leaders expect their players to behave with good sportsman-like behavior when they, themselves, set the example of being a poor sport?

This is why it is particularly heartening to hear of a head coach who has no interest in becoming politically polarizing at the prospect of being invited to the White House and is simply happy to accept such an invitation with humility. Like Andy Reid, head coach of the newly-minted Super Bowl champions, the Kansas City Chief. 

After a hard-fought win over the San Francisco 49ers, Reid answered questions from the press where he was asked the likely deliberately provocative question as to whether or not he’d be visiting the White House if invited. Reid seemed surprised that it would even be a question and remarked that he believes it to be “quite an honor.”

 MRCTV reports:

During a press conference Monday, the Super Bowl winning coach was asked if he would visit the White House.

“Oh man, I hadn’t even thought about that,” Reid answered. “I mean, I’ll be there. So, if they’re inviting us, I’ll be there. It’s quite an honor I think.”

Kudos to Reid for not skipping out on the all the honors and accolades that come with winning a Super Bowl. 

It’s not clear if all of the Chief’s championship team members will participate in a White House visit, if offered.

This week, Donald Trump announced that the Chiefs would indeed be heading to the White House as early as next week, and we know he can expect them to be gracious guests!

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